May 13, 2019 : Baluchistan Liberation Army launches fresh attack on Chinese interests in Gwadar 

May 13, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Chinese nationals were once again the intended target in Baluchistan as Baloch Liberation Army on Sunday attacked a five-star hotel in Gwadar and killed five. The attack and subsequent siege, which targeted the top Hotel in the strategic port city of Gwadar, lasted several hours.

A hotel spokesman said there were no guests and a handful of staff due to Ramadan. The separatist Baluchistan Liberation Army claimed it carried out the attack. The group said that the hotel, the centerpiece of a multi-billion-dollar Chinese project, was selected in order to target Chinese and other investors.

BLA oppose Chinese investment, saying it is of little benefit to local people. The hotel sits on a hilltop overlooking the Gwadar port on the Arabian Sea, which is being developed by China as part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a network of roads, railway and pipelines between the two countries.
On Twitter, the Chinese embassy in Pakistan condemned the attack, which comes just weeks after gunmen killed 14 people, including 11 military personnel, in the region.

The $60bn CPEC project has seen massive investment in infrastructure across Pakistan, including major roads and the Gwadar port in Baluchistan province. Recent days have seen an increase in violence in the province, with BLA stepping attacks against security forces and civilians.

On Thursday, at least five people were killed when BLA gunmen attacked a coal mine in the Harnai district of Baluchistan.


According to an index on criminality, Pakistan happens to be the 10th most dangerous country of all.  Pakistan suffers a profound loss to life because of the threat of terrorism. There are separatists in Baluchistan who claim of economic marginalization. They feel less fortunate than the rest of the citizens of Pakistan.

They have resorted to extremism. It accomplishes nothing but thwarts peace, democracy, and development. It is the single largest threat to humankind. Unlike the military, terrorist groups wear no uniform, target innocents and strike at will. The way to deal with terrorists must be different than the way a military deal with it’s enemy’s military. The rules are different, and thus the tools need to be different. Weapons and armies have been upgraded but intelligence gathering mechanisms haven’t kept up.

This attack on the prominent hotel in Gwadar, Pakistan was a major ‘achievement’ for the extremists and a major setback for the Pakistani establishment. Pakistan faces the threat of international isolation because of its inability to counter terrorism. To win against internal unrest and global pressure, Pakistan needs to uproot terror organizations. This is not an easy task using traditional reactive approaches. To defeat terrorism with limited resources, it needs to target the leaders of the terror organizations.

Interrogation using torture of the suspects can only elicit a confession and a few hazy details. The agencies are hopeless when it comes to being able to extract intelligence from their most valuable assets-the suspects. This intelligence includes the hierarchy of the criminal/terrorist organization, past crimes, plans, links with other terror organizations. The ones behind this attack must have put in a tremendous amount of effort into planning this siege. However, the agencies do not have access to a method which can be reasonably accurate and efficient in identifying the presence of crime-related knowledge in a human’s brain.

We are at a level where we can determine the gender of a baby inside its mother’s womb, but the ability to determine the presence or absence of crime-specific details inside a human brain seems like an alien concept.

Can modern technology, which has revolutionized medical sciences, also revolutionize forensic sciences?


Presenting a revolutionary technology, called iCognative, which is developed and provided by Brainwave Science. It helps gather intelligence and uncover espionage and terrorists’ plots. It eliminates human torture and is highly reliable. Counter-Terrorism officials are interested in eliminating the top leadership of terror organizations. They understand that it massively weakens any organization when the kingpin is taken out. In such high stake’s matters, the accuracy of intelligence is of utmost importance. There is a wealth of information which is possessed by captured terrorists, informants, and spies. However, conventional questioning and interrogation are not comprehensive enough to extract a high level of information.

iCognative is the only technology which can make the process of gathering information efficient and cost-effective. In addition to this, it is highly accurate to a degree of more than 99%. The test does not betray the testee or the tester. There is no incidence of false positives or false negatives. There is no known way to fool the test. This 45-minute long test can be administered with a laptop and a proprietary wireless-headset. It can be accurately determined if the testee is a member of a terrorist or a criminal organization. Since a human brain reacts differently to stimuli which they are aware of and the stimuli which they have been exposed to for the first time. The system can detect the difference in the brain’s response by recording and analyzing the brainwaves. Thus, iCognative has applications in a wide variety of disciplines such as Law Enforcement, Trafficking, Counter-Terrorism, Border Security, Immigration Control and National Security.

The Pakistani authorities must run iCognative test on the suspects when found. The stimuli, in this case, be the insignia of the suspected terrorist group, pictures and details of known Baluch extremists, CCTV images of propaganda material which only an extremist is expected to be aware of, classified details about the attack, details of attacks with similar motives, etc. While taking the test, brainwaves of the subject are analyzed, and it can be determined whether he or she possesses information about the crime or not. The security and intelligence agencies can use the power of iCognative to detect crime-specific information stored in the brain of the terrorists. iCognative is the only technology which can enhance intelligence gathering to a level that the Pakistani forces can preempt future attacks and save lives.

Main Source: Economic Times

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