May 15, 2017: Australia Federal Police gets a $321m injection in the fight against terrorism

May 15, 2017 | Brainwave Science


On May 8th 2017, Prime Minister Turnbull announced that the Australia Federal Police (AFP) will receive $321m, its largest cash injection yet in over a decade to help fight the scourge of home grown and global terrorism and North Korea seen as threats to National Security.

The funding also includes 300 extra covert intelligence personnel, with the objectives of reducing crime gangs, drug cartels and dubious fraud, according to 7 News.


In a statement, Mr. Turnbull said “the enemy is becoming more sophisticated and so our resources, our technologies need to catch up with them…and that is why we are making this historic investment.”

While for all intent and purposes the justification for the $321m funding for the next four appears to be a welcomed development, however, the problem remains how sophisticated, intelligent are the methodology, tools and measurable outcomes being earmarked for deployment.


Brain Fingerprinting technology is the most advanced investigative and intelligence tool used in the market today. It works on the premise that all crime related event is planned, executed and stored in the brain. It simply detects whether crime specific evidence is present in the brain or not.

The technology can be used as a corroborative tool to confirm evidential suspicion, narrow down leads, and eliminate false or suspects witnesses within forty five minutes to one hour of testing; greatly increasing the clearance rate and overall cost of investigation resources by 65%.

Brain Fingerprinting is non- invasive, objective, system driven, secures chain of evidence, highly accurate and reliable and does not violate human any rights during the course of investigation. The AFP could benefit from the use of this novel technology.