October 10, 2018: Al-Shabab: Somali jihadist group publicly executes ‘British and US spies’

October 10, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Somalia’s Al-Shabab terror group shot five men in a public execution on Tuesday, a sign of the insurgents’ control on a certain part of the country, even as local authorities step up efforts to combat them. The terror group claimed five men, aged between 22 and 36, were spying for British, US and Somali intelligence agencies.

The east African Jihadist announced via radio that the killing had taken place in a public square in Jilib, an area under the control of the Islamist group. The eyewitnesses reported the victims were tied and shot by a firing squad.

According to Al-Shabab’s governor, Awale Ahmed Mohamed, a 32-year-old man, spied for MI6. After moving from Britain to Somalia he join the terror group while other three spied for the United States and helped to carry out strikes through US drones and the last one spied for the Somali government. The terror group claimed the alleged spies attached tracking device to the Al-Shabab convoy which had helped American drones to carry out an air strike. A jihadist website claimed that British spy, Awale, shared sensitive information to British intelligence services about the Al-Shabab supporters living in the UK.

“Five spies were publicly executed after they admitted espionage before the court,” said Mohamed Abu Abdalla, Al Shabab’s governor for the Jubba regions.


Al Shabab, founded in 2006, is considered the deadliest jihadi group in sub- Saharan Africa. The group operates freely in many rural parts of Somalia despite the efforts of local government to overthrow them. Al-Shabab affiliated by Al-Qaida has fought for years to impose a strict version of Islam in the Horn of Africa nation. Al-Shabab has staged several attacks in Kenya, including the 2015 massacre at Kenya’s Garissa University, near the border with Somalia. Somalia jihadist

Despite losing territory in recent years, the extremist group continues to carry out deadly attacks on government, security and civilian targets in many parts of the country, especially the capital Mogadishu. Most devasting was a truck bombing in 2017 that killed 512 people. The United States has carried out 25 airstrikes targeting extremists, but the results haven’t been fruitful.  Despite the effort from Somalian law enforcement and US armed forces, the group remains nonetheless strong and active. Somalia jihadist


The United States has provided financial and logistical support to African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and conducted counterterrorism operations, including airstrikes and raid against suspected Al-Shabab militants. Irrespective of the adopted strategy, Al-Shabab is still active and has over 7,000 fighters and the number is growing. With the advent of YouTube and other social media platforms at their disposal within 24 hours, a person is being radicalized online according to some news reports. In such a grave situation that threatens National Security of Somalia and other neighboring nations, AMISOM and local law enforcement agencies desperately need a revolutionary, never before used technology that could identify with over 99% accuracy the extremist from the innocents and determine as what the terrorist knows such as location of the hideouts, identification of other terrorists and sympathizers, the depth of their connection, role they place in the group, type of weapon and bombs equipped, financial details and other vital information that no other existing technology can provide in approximately one hour. Brainwave Science team has answered this call. The only existing technology that can provide the impeccably accurate and precise intelligence desired by the law enforcement agencies for over a decade to crush Al-Shabab and other extremist group is developed by Brainwave Science and it’s called iCognative. Somalia jihadist

The immediate challenge for law enforcement to eliminate terrorism is to obtain accurate intelligence, connections, missing links and details of future terror attacks from the arrested terrorists. The existing investigation solutions fail to provide such information with high accuracy inappropriate time, but iCognative guarantees a high success rate and speedy result as it gathers intelligence from the source of all terrorist action- the human brain.

Law Enforcement agencies can utilize iCognative technology to upgrade their counterterrorism strategy and determine what the terrorist/s knows by recording and analyzing brainwave responses to specific information with over 99% accuracy. iCognative is so fierce that it can identify active or inactive terrorists before and after any terrorist act happens. Once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted on the captured terrorist, the system would reveal all the necessary and precise intelligence of known or unknown terrorist organization operating within Africa continent that domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies have been trying to gain for past years.

iCognative not only supports law enforcement agencies to identify the freed terrorists or provide accurate intelligence about future attacks, but it also provides the hidden key to disassemble the Al-Shabab, Islamic State, Al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations. iCognative has a 100% proven track record of supporting counter-terrorism agencies around the globe it helps protect innocent and capture terrorists, terrorist-sympathizers and supporters within the country and abroad. This technology is the last hope for the Somalian government to rise again and crush these terrorist groups for once and all. iCognative is the last hope for law enforcement in the region where Al-Shabaab aims to pressure regional governments to withdraw troops from Somalia, where an African Union mission has been battling the militants since 2007. The group that uses its attacks in East Africa to raise its profile, seek new recruits and solicit funding must be stopped in its tracks with the power of technology provided by Brainwave Science. Whether it be counter-intelligence or national security iCognative can help eliminate terrorism from the root in any part of the world. Moreover, the very thought that this technology exists and has been deployed can serve as a deterrent for anyone thinking of joining Al-Shabab. Somalia jihadist

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