Crossbow Attack in London: Suspect Found After Killing BBC Commentator’s Family

July 10, 2024


British police have located Kyle Clifford, the suspect in the crossbow attack in London that killed the wife and two daughters of BBC radio commentator John Hunt. The attack occurred near London, and Clifford was found in Enfield, north London. He is currently receiving medical treatment for his injuries.

Source: AP News


The brutal crossbow attack in London has shocked the community and highlighted the increasing use of unconventional weapons in violent crimes. John Hunt’s wife, Carol Hunt, aged 61, and their daughters, Louise and Hannah, aged 25 and 28 respectively, were killed in their home. The suspect, Kyle Clifford, had left the British Army after a brief period of service in 2022. The police’s swift action in locating Clifford, following extensive inquiries, underscores the urgency and seriousness of the crime. The public was warned not to approach Clifford during the manhunt, indicating the potential danger he posed.



iCognative technology can significantly enhance the investigation by providing precise insights into Clifford’s knowledge and involvement in the crime. This advanced brainwave monitoring system uses EEG and P300 ERP to detect recognition of specific information.

In conclusion, iCognative technology offers a powerful tool for enhancing the accuracy and speed of investigations into violent crimes. By providing reliable insights into the suspect’s knowledge and involvement, it supports efforts to bring justice and closure to the affected families.

Source: Brainwave Science