iCognative Training

World-class security professionals. Quality delivery. Customized experience.

Brainwave Science’s training programs are designed to fit customer’s needs. The user-friendly interface embedded in iCognative proprietary software together with its simple apparatus, enables training to be more finely focused on the wide range of practical applications iCognative has. iCognative delivers value without boundaries to customers today and years down the road.

  • Get security experts with real-world experience

    A noteworthy advancement from the polygraph, iCognative detects whether certain specific information is known to a suspect with over 99% accuracy.

  • Choose how training is delivered

    The system is fully automated. Minimal equipment ensures ease of implementation. The proprietary software is designed to calibrate results instantly.

  • Customize training to fit your needs

    The remarkable applications of iCognative maximize intelligence collection disciplines across various security verticals. Unlike fingerprints and DNA that are available only in 1-2% of the cases, iCognative is applicable in over 85% of cases.