Singapore border security guard nabbed over alleged Syria Jihad plans

June 26, 2017 | Brainwave Science


Singapore border security guard nabbed over alleged Syria Jihad plans
June 26, 2017 | Brainwave Science


Singapore authority said on Tuesday May 20th, that a border security officer in Singapore has been arrested for planning to fight in Syria, according to the Daily News Analysis (DNA).

Muhammad Khairul bin Mohamed, 24, worked as a traffic officer at the crossing with Malaysia, was arrested for planning to join the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to fight against the Shi’ites in Syria.

In a statement by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Khairul, a Sunni Muslim, had believed the Syrian conflict to be a holy war, of which he was prepared to be martyred. He had elongated online materials and exposure on the Syrian conflict and made travel plans; an offence that allows for up to two years detention without trial under the Internal Security Act.

His colleague who had knowledge of Khairul activities was also arrested for failure to report radicalization and travel plans.


It was also reported that last week, a Singapore young mother who wanted to marry an ISIS fighter in Syria was arrested.

Singapore which has a large Muslim minority, considers itself a prime target for jihadist attacks because of its close ties with the United States.

In recent weeks since the siege by Islamic States militants in portions of Marawi City in Southern Philippines, Southeast Asia has been on high alert. Also worrying are returning ISIS fighters to the region due to escalation of coalition activities in Iraq and Syria.


In every case, counterterrorism and border security agencies appear to lack one critical capability: an objective means to distinguish between terrorists and innocent people, before a strike. In this case it was the border security agent.

A iCognative analysis would be able to detect other contacts or affiliations specific to his jihadist intent and recruitment. The report will provide the Singapore authorities better insight to the suspect intentions and wider connections.

iCognative only by Brainwave Science, is an innovative science that provides an objective analysis in distinguishing between terrorists and innocents by detecting the information relative to the crime stored in a suspect’s brain. It is expected that most suspects will deny or admit any wrong doing but the brain knows better.

iCognative accurately and scientifically detects all significant planned acts and crime specific information stored in the brain to help in the counterterrorism fight, enhance border and national security across the globe.