Swiss National charged with Terrorism, Arms smuggling trying to reach Idlib

September 14, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Swiss National charged with Terrorism, Arms smuggling trying to reach Idlib-iCognativeSITUATION

According to news report from Reuters Bulgarian authorities have arrested a heavily armed Swiss national on the border with Turkey, who allegedly wanted to cross into Syria, the State Prosecutor’s Office said.  The Swiss national, whose name has not been released, was arrested on Tuesday at the Kapitan Andreevo crossing and charged with and arms smuggling and terrorism-related crime. In his Swiss-registered jeep, border police found three rifles, a handgun, some 400 rounds of ammunition, 24 knives and a map with a route to the embattled north-western Syrian province of Idlib. As extensively reported in news, Idlib and parts of a few neighboring provinces form the last major stronghold in Syria of opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, and government forces have threatened to launch a major offensive to capture the area.

The man said that he had wanted to assist civilians in the area. Swiss authorities put out a warrant for him after his father alerted them that he disappeared with the car and weapons from their home.


According to an article published in Brookings, Syria illustrates how jihadists thrive on civil wars in the Muslim world. Although much is made about why individuals join terrorist groups (Are they alienated from society? Lacking jobs? And so on), wars act as a “pull” factor. Europe, which produced thousands of fighters for the Islamic State, was not dramatically different before the Syrian war began than in 2014–15, when the number of volunteers peaked along with the conflict: The war itself excited European Muslims and led many to volunteer, often seeing themselves as would-be freedom fighters rather than clandestine terrorists. “Combat charities,” or entities that seek to provide military and political assistance to weaker armed groups or minorities resisting the military onslaught of others, such as of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the Middle East and North Africa, are a rising phenomenon of the 21st century.

Given the dangerous situation on ground the presence of westerners and the risk of them being kidnapped and used as leverage still remains very high. Such westerners who choose not to heed the warnings issued by their governments voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way, apparently undeterred by official warnings that it is “strongly discouraged” to fight ISIS and, as one American fighter noted; “As long as you’re shooting in the right direction, at bad guys, they don’t really care.”


The ongoing war in Syria and Iraq is a global problem. Existing laws surrounding foreign fighters can be difficult or impractical to apply. Often legality is dependent on a state’s current allegiances. With the myriad of fluid, disparate groups operating in Syria and Iraq it is not always apparent where allegiances lie. Overseas war zones present significant evidentiary difficulties from a law enforcement perspective. Even if this Swiss national might have humanitarian intentions he still has to be charged with terrorism-related crime because of the complexity of war against ISIS with so many active forces involved. Counter-terrorism, National Security and Border Security all are compounded in this situation that demands a robust solution to secure lives of citizens and ensure their safety. iCognative is the only technology that emboldens the missions of law enforcement forces in such complicated situations.  Brainwave Science, as a company has developed this technology on a patent-free proven P300 iCognative technique to serve the interests of law enforcement community at a global level as never done before.

Fighting against ISIS should be a good gesture, but not always as the nation’s laws and governments determine what is permissible and what is not in a war. Some governments do comprehensively prohibit joining foreign armies, regardless of their status, intentions or allegiances. This blanket approach to foreign fighters, adopted by countries such as Belgium, Switzerland and Australia, does not provide any special dispensation for those fighting against extremist groups. Swiss national claims that he was trying to cross border illegally to enter Syria to help civilians, but that is against the law in his country. It is a challenge to determine what he planned to do and whether he had previous associations with locals or terrorists on ground. The situation calls for an investigation.

Law enforcement authorities empowered with iCognative technology by Brainwave Science should conduct a test using case facts known so far such as exact location of arrest near Turkey border (Kapitan Andreevo border check); pictures of items found in his jeep (three rifles, a handgun, some 400 rounds of ammunition);  map with a route to the embattled north-western Syrian province of Idlib; data collected from his phone and other sources of information provided by his father who intimidated authorities, all such information including confidential information not known to the public (called Stimuli)  can be employed to conduct the test.  Within 45 minutes the authorities can unravel the details of his plan as well as get concealed information regarding other matters he has not disclosed to authorities so far.  iCognative test is accurate, affordable and highly applicable in this case scenario as well as cases pertaining to matters of National Security, Human and Drug Trafficking as well as Immigration in addition to Border Security as is the case here.  Smuggling of arms into a war zone is a crime according to the prosecutors and the iCognative test along with other investigational evidence can help discover the real plan behind this action. It is very likely that authorities may uncover other people who share the same rationale as this individual, those individuals would be discouraged to repeat such actions once the truth, in this case, is uncovered with the deployment of iCognative technology in this case.

If Swiss authorities are looking for a sure shot answer in this case and other related to such acts by Swiss nationals, they must turn to iCognative provided only by Brainwave Science. This unconventional technology helps protect countries by supporting the prevention of criminals, terrorists and terrorists’ weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering a foreign nation.

Source: Reuters
Image Source: NRT News English