Wanted JMB Mastermind arrested in Bangalore

August 10, 2018 | Brainwave Science


The most wanted terrorist of the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), Mohammad Jahid-ul Islam alias Bomber Miyan alias Kausar arrested in Bangalore has revealed during interrogation that JMB plans to launch separate division of JMB in Indian states like West Bengal and Assam. He further revealed they were aiming to exploit the Rohingya issue to promote their purpose of launching Jihad against India.

Kausar revealed that they had planned terrorist blasts at the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya to be the inauguration of their arrival. As the Dalai Lama was visiting at the same time and a considerable number of Buddhist pilgrims were to visit the temple, they planned the bombs for maximum impact. Two West Bengal residents- Abdul and Rehman, arrested terrorists, revealed that the IEDs were planted near cooking cylinders to create maximum destruction. On January 19, someone found 3 powerful IEDs in the temple after one device malfunctioned and caught fire. Kausar is reportedly an explosives expert. Kausar’s another associate Adil alias Asadullah was also arrested by NIA in Bangalore.

Jahid-Ul Islam is a Bangladeshi citizen and deputy chief of JMB – a terrorist organization, he is wanted, accused in serial blast cases in Bangladesh. He was found involved in Trishal Police van attack, homicide case and many more in Bangladesh. Upon his arrival in India, he promptly started recruiting individuals for JMB, married a local girl in Birbhum and even taught in a Madarsa in Beldanga. However, his actual intentions in 2014 were foiled after an unexpected blast in Khagragarh, Burdwan killed his two operatives and forewarned the Indian authorities of a large existing JMB network already operational in the country. During his tenure in India, he is believed to have recruited many people over the years and has indeed been involved in the radicalization of Muslim youth in several regions.

The India Today report states that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) believes the JMB has many operational units in India and many top JMB operatives have met Kausar on several occasions. On 8th August another JMB operative was arrested from Pakur, Jharkhand. Earlier in July two JMB operatives were arrested in Delhi while they were trying to activate a unit consisting of Rohingya Muslims. Recently another JMB operative named Mohammad Musiruddin alias Musa was arrested by the West Bengal CID probing on his suspected terror links and the US FBI has also interrogated Musa over his ISIS links. Musa was in contact with several top ISIS leaders.

Security agencies in India have long since warned the potential threat the Rohingya refugees pose to India and have forewarned of their relationships to terror organizations. Rohingya refugee camps are believed to be the breeding ground for radicalization and terror activities in India. Now, with the discovery of JMB’s deep-rooted network in India and their plans for jihad on Indian soil, the need for strict action on Rohingya refugees is the ever more important. It also exposes the treat that the porous India Bangladesh border poses for each nation’s security.


Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) is of serious concern to India, not simply because of its deep-rooted network in India but also due to its connection with the ISIS. India is being exploited by JMB not just as a hideout, but also for recruitment. Recruitment is performed through madrasas, mosques and the effective use of social media. Bomb blasts in Chennai and Patna in May 2014 carried JMB’s signature indicates that some improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have been diverted within India as well.

Bangladesh-based terror groups acting against India is not new. What is new is a Bangladeshi terror group based in India operating against both India and Bangladesh. This is a dangerous development. What is of utmost concern is how the activities of JMB in India have gone unnoticed for over 50 years?

The arrest of Kausar has exposed just how deep and how far the JMB has gained access within recent years and how the Rohingya population can be recruited and used by these terror organizations for launching jihad in India. These issues have to be addressed immediately by Security Agencies.

Security Agencies must find a contemporary, fool-proof forensic solution to enhance their counter-terrorism strategy to eradicate the threat posed by the JMB and its factions. A solution that can support investigators and provide more accurate detailed intelligence and leads from Kausar and other terrorists.


Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the only existing contemporary forensic technology that out-performs in terms of portability, accuracy, ease of usage and has proven track record to provide results and leads with an accuracy of 99.9%. The technology uses the finest source of intelligence, human brain, to gain accurate intelligence and identification of terrorists.

No other technology in the market today compares to iCognative. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive modern forensic technology that has the extraordinary ability to distinguish between terrorists and innocents by measuring brainwaves. This technology can swiftly and accurately reveal concealed information about terrorist attacks, organizations involved and other details that are stored in a perpetrator’s brain as compared to traditional interrogation methods.

National Investigations Agency can conduct a 45 minutes iCognative test to determine if Kausar and other arrested terrorist’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation, such as the inner workings of JMB, other key members of the organization, information about ISIS, and other undisclosed information. In order to conduct a iCognative test on suspect or person of interest relevant to the crime, a test case needs to be built using crime related known and confidential information known only to the perpetrator and investigators called stimuli. It only takes 15 minutes to enter the stimuli into the iCognative system. Stimuli can be in the form of words, phrases or pictures depending on its availability. For example, in this case, investigators can use stimuli as: hideouts, bomb-making knowledge, ISIS connections, details about IEDs, link with previous terrorist attacks along with other confidential information they have collected during an investigation as stimuli.

All this information will be flashed on a computer screen to the suspects while the iCognative system collects brain responses to each stimulus. These responses are analyzed by a click of button by the automated proprietary system to give final analysis with 99.9% accuracy. There are only two conclusions, information in question is present or absent in the brain of the suspect.

iCognative only by Brainwave Science is the most powerful and reliable forensic technology available in the security market as with its high applicability rate and results with an accuracy rate of over 99%. This technology provides important accurate intelligence about JMB, LeT, JeM, ISIS and other terrorist organizations to help authorities make a tremendous progress in completely wiping off these organizations. This technology promises its loyalty to law enforcement and National Security agencies who protect citizens around the globe, help deliver justice and keep their nations safe and protected.

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