3 people injured after suspected terror attack near Parliament in the UK

August 15, 2018 | Brainwave Science


A man has been arrested on suspicion of terror attack after 3 people were injured when a car crashed into security barriers outside Parliament in the UK. According to the police, the silver Ford Fiesta hit 3 cyclists and pedestrians at 7.37:AM before crashing into the security barriers nearly the Parliament. 2 people were treated in hospital and were later discharged. A 3rd victim with minor injuries was assessed at the crime scene.

The driver of the car was detained at the crime scene. A man detained on suspicion of carrying out a terrorist attack outside Britain’s Parliament is Salih Khater, a British citizen of Sudanese origin, a European security source told Reuters on Wednesday. The Metropolitan Police commented, it appeared the suspect had not previously been known to MI5.  Scotland Yard’s head of counter terrorism Neil Basu said: “Given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident.” The suspect was not co-operating with detectives, police have said. No one else was in the vehicle at the time of the incident and no weapons have been found.

The immediate area around the attack remains taped off and screened by white temporary fencing. Also, British Transport Police claimed about increasing patrols in England, Scotland and Wales and that its officers would be ‘highly visible on trains and at stations’.



Parliament attack in the UK strongly swayed not only citizens of London but also people all over the world. Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK, commented the situation: ‘For the second time in as many years the home of our democracy, which is a potent symbol of our precious values of tolerance and freedom, has witnessed terrible scenes just yards from its door.’ Donald Trump tweeted: ‘Another terrorist attack in London… These animals are crazy and must be dealt with through toughness and strength!’.

The war against terrorism has become one of the main tasks for officials of the UK. According to Gilles Kepel, the Jihadi violence is rooted in Islamic fundamentalism in the form of Salafism, an ideology that clashes with the values of Western democracies and which entered the United Kingdom when the country gave shelter to radical Islamist leaders from around the world in London. In the UK 2017 terrorism cost 36 lives, almost a thousand injured, it was indeed the most challenging year for the police and security services for decades.  According to recent events, police tries to protect people in every possible way providing different levels of security on the streets. And modern technologies can help them in this difficult process.



Human brain is one of the most accurate and reliable sources of intelligence. iCognative by Brainwave Science is an innovative neuroscience-based technology that has the ability to distinguish between innocents and perpetrators by detecting hidden information in the brain. The technology offers a possibility to find out who is a perpetrator, saving time of law enforcement agencies and protecting human rights.

iCognative technology utilizes revolutions made in the field of neuroscience and technology to empower an accurate identification of a terrorist. iCognative is a test that can determine whether specific information is stored in a suspect’s brain. In the case of the attack near the Parliament of the UK, iCognative can help to find more terrorists’ connections, if any and help prevent such crimes in the future. In order to conduct a test on a suspect in this case Salih Khater, the test case needs to be built with investigation details known as well as confidential to the media about the attack. It means the technology will use the details of the case that are known only to investigative agents and perpetrators but are unknown to the public. For example, in this case, the technology could use the date and time of the attack (Wed, August 15th at 07:30 BST), the type of the car (silver Ford Fiesta), photos from the crime scene etc. details regarding reasons for search at two addresses in Birmingham and one in Nottingham, provided that such information is known only to law enforcement agencies and criminals. Also, for find terrorist connections the technology could use the names and pictures of known members of terrorist organizations, the dates and times of previous attack, the used weapon etc. Within 45 minutes the system will present the stimuli and record the suspect’s brainwave responses to each stimulus and collect data. At the end of the test, the technology will determine with 99.9% accuracy if the information in question about the crime is stored in the brain of the suspect.

iCognative can provide important intelligence about this attack to help counter terrorism authorities make huge advancement in preventing future terrorist attacks. With the aid of iCognative by Brainwave Science, officials in the UK can identify high intelligence individuals in terrorist organizations and thereby help disseminate the root cause of all problems. This characteristic makes the technology virtually unprecedented and reliable.


Main Source: SkyNews  , BBC 

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