Afghanistan terrorist attack kills children “deplorable”

August 17, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Terror Attack on School Children: iCognative


In Afghanistan, students studying for university exams in Kabul were the victim of a suicide bomb attack. The event shocked Afghanistan as a sequence of attacks on schools demonstrates that schools are an obvious target for militant groups. As the repercussion, 1,000 schools across Afghanistan stay closed for security reasons and at least 86 school have been destroyed by militant attacks this year only even after the negotiation, according to U.N.  The blast killed at least 34 people, most of them were students attending an English class. Taliban the obvious suspect organization denied involvement. However, it turned out that Islamic State claimed responsibility for the blast, which killed at least 34 people, most of them students attending an English class.

 U.S. commanders in Afghanistan, who said Islamic State in Nangarhar had sought to extend its influence in other parts of Afghanistan by hitting soft targets like schools and mosques. A complex mix of several evil forces and government including Taliban, Islamic State and unstable government makes Afghanistan a dangerous place for its citizens as well as US forces. Violence and terrorist attacks in Afghanistan are not new but using schools and children as targets has drawn attention of global relief organizations like UNICEF.


The chief of the U.N. children’s agency says children continue to be hardest hit in the increasing violence across Afghanistan and is claiming the latest attack on a private school which killed or severely wounded dozens of children “deplorable.”  Repeated terror attacks highlight flaws that exist in Afghan forces and their capability to defend their own peace. Afghanistan’s law enforcement and defense forces have failed to provide security and protection to their citizens.

Why iCognative?

Afghanistan, newly formed nation must empower its law enforcement with the most cutting-edge technology that can virtually eliminate the violence problem in the country – iCognative Provided only by Brainwave Science, this technology facilitates elimination of nuisance actors in the country that intend to attack peace and security of Afghanistan.

iCognative’s dynamic specific screening power when deployed by law enforcement changes the whole power equation. Transformative power of this technology emboldens the meek law enforcement forces to be offensive rather than defensive against terrorizing forces.

The technology facilitates identification of specific concealed or hidden information in the brain grounded in established and accepted neuroscience foundation of “P300”. The remarkable applications of iCognative maximize intelligence collection disciplines across various security verticals. Easy to learn, automated iCognative can be installed and used without any limitations on any suspect as it supports human rights and is non-invasive.

Afghan National Police can utilize iCognative technology to distinguish between terrorists and innocents with an accuracy of 99.9%. Details such as: details of planned attacks, key members of the organization, information about inner workings in ISIS, exact location of hideouts, route, and other undisclosed information law enforcement agencies have collected through interrogations or information shared by foreign intelligence agencies are used as stimuli. All this confidential information used as stimuli in the form of words, phrases or pictures are flashed on a monitor screen to the suspect. iCognative system will detect, analyze and report whether suspect recognized them or not, known as the “P300” responses. These responses are analyzed by a click of button by the automated proprietary software to give final analysis with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or absent in the brain of the suspect.

iCognative unrivaled excellence overrides all existing security solutions and guarantees a high success rate with an accuracy rate of 99.9%. Backed by a powerful iCognative, Afghan National Police will finally be able to attack terrorism problem head on.



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