Belgian Authorities arrested married couple for bomb plot

July 5, 2018 | Brainwave Science


A Belgian couple and an apparent Iranian diplomat were among four people arrested over the weekend in connection with a planned bomb attack at a large rally held by Iranian opposition groups and attended by President Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, in Brussels on Monday. In addition to Giuliani, the American delegation at Saturday’s rally included former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Bill Richardson, former New Jersey Sen. Bob Toricelli, and former FBI Director Louis Freeh.

The Iranian-heritage couple, identified as Amir S and Nasimeh N, were arrested on Saturday after police stopped them and searched their vehicle in the Woluwé-Saint-Pierre neighborhood of Brussels. Investigators found more than a pound of TATP explosives and a detonator, said Eric Van der Sijpt, spokesman for the Belgian prosecutor’s office. “We can say we arrested them just in time,” Van der Sijpt told The Associated Press. TATP has been used in several terror attacks in Europe in recent years, including twin bombings in Brussels that killed 32 people in 2016.

Van der Sijpt added that two other men had been arrested in connection with the plot, one in France and one in Germany. The man arrested in Germany, the spokesman said, “seems to be” a diplomat attached to the Iranian embassy in Vienna, Austria. A report by Belgian broadcaster RTBF described the man as a “contact” of the arrested couple.

Van der Sijpt said he did not know whether the planned attack specifically targeted any attendees. “All I can say is that they were planning a terrorist attack at a conference, I don’t know if they were targeting somebody special,” he said.


Belgium has been the base of operations for a number of terrorist attacks, including the November 2015 Paris attacks and Jewish Museum of Belgium. Such problem doesn’t only concern this country but whole world; terrorism has spread like poison especially with foreign fighters. They corrupt and blend into society as normal people would do and find new ways of perpetrating their destructive missions. Belgium’s intelligence infrastructure has recently come under criticism for its failure to suppress jihadist activity and illegal weapons trading within its borders. Several government representatives have resigned or offered to resign, after it emerged that the government had failed to follow through on leads flagged by the foreign governments and anticipate major national security lapses flagged by the European Union.

Despite Belgium’s efforts to improve its national security since the previous Brussels terrorist attacks, the country has continued to experience lone-wolf terror attacks. Anonymous official told media, “We just don’t have the people… and, frankly, we don’t have the infrastructure to properly investigate or monitor hundreds of individuals suspected of terror links, as well as pursue the hundreds of open files and investigations we have.”

Law enforcement must find a novel, fool-proof technology to strengthen their counter-terrorism strategy.  They must discourage and arrest terrorists from continuing with these terrorist attacks. Therefore, it is important to know what they plan to do in future and who their masterminds are along with identification of other key members of this terrorist group. How can Law enforcement overcome this crucial problem and terminate these terrorist groups?

Why iCognative?

The answers lie in iCognative by Brainwave Science. This remarkable technology is way ahead of existing technologies in the security market. Terrorist cooperation in interrogation is insignificant, so why not let the brain do the talking? Let suspect’s brain provide all essential information regarding the attack or terrorist group. This excellent investigative technology can be used in more than one discipline, such as Law Enforcement, Border Security, and Counterintelligence, providing invaluable results for investigative officers across the globe.

Counter-terrorism authorities can utilize the iCognative solution to determine if a suspect’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation, such as the details of the previous terrorist attacks, bomb-making knowledge, or the inner workings of a terrorist organization. iCognative can also aid authorities with better intel, useful to determine when a future attack could be carried and link to the extremist group. The technology was developed as a secure security solution, accurate, relying only on an automated system, and not human intervention.

In this case, iCognative can be of significant aid in eliminating terrorists. In order to do that a test needs to be conducted on a suspect, so a case test needs to be built.  This means that a series of stimuli will be input into the iCognative system, only known to the perpetrator/s in present or future attack and investigator. And then that stimuli displayed on a computer screen to suspects. These stimuli can be in the form of words, pictures or phrases, depending on its availability. These stimuli could be cryptic codes caught by Belgium law enforcement, the plan of attack, the link with ISIS, materials regarding bomb-making – all these can play role as stimuli in the iCognative test. This test can be used on our suspects, Amir S and Nasimeh N, or any other suspect that law enforcement considers a suspect.

While conducting test, iCognative system collects brain responses to each stimulus and all these brain responses are analyzed at end of the test by complicated algorithms and determine with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or absent in the brain of the suspect. iCognative relies on detecting a distinct change in electrical potential “Event-Related Potential” when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli.

iCognative by Brainwave Science can provide important intelligence about this foiled plan to help counter terrorism authorities make huge advancement in eliminating these terrorist organizations. Further application of the system can help in identifying high intelligence individuals in terrorist organizations, uncover their funding operations, the modus operandi of a terrorist network and thereby help disseminate the root cause of all problems. This characteristic makes iCognative virtually unprecedented and reliable.


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