Bomb blast at Athens headquarters of media group

December 17, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Bomb blast at Athens headquarters of media groupSITUATION

Anti-terrorist police in Athens opened an investigation into the attack that focused on Greek extremist groups. Attacks by anarchist or far-left groups targeting broadcasting groups, public companies or embassies have been frequent in Greece in recent years.

The coalition government led by leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras condemned the blast labelling it an attack on democracy. The bomb which went off late at night around 2:30 AM was a homemade device. This happened only 45 minutes after an anonymous telephone warning to another TV network.

The suburban neighbourhood of Neo Phaliro was promptly cordoned off by the police and the building was evacuated. This building contains the office of Skai broadcasting network. It also houses the office of Kathimerini, a centre-right newspaper which is critical of the government. The bomb was placed near a fence around the building and damaged windows on the facade.

Skai said in a statement that the terrorist attack will not discourage them. They also accused the government of failing to do enough to protect the media despite recurrent threats against the station. Olga Gerovassili, the minister for civil protection, visited the site with police. Last month a bomb was defused outside the Athens home of a controversial prosecutor.


Far-left revolutionary organizations and foreign groups are the ones who are behind most of the terrorist attacks in Greece. Such attacks have been witnessed as early as 1970 when a bomb which was planted inside a car exploded in the parking lot of the United States Embassy in Athens.

It is interesting to note that not a single Islamist terrorist attack has taken place in the country until now. Greece has been used as a transit country by individuals who travel to and from conflict zones with ‘unclear motives. In 2016, 15 suspected Islamic terrorists were arrested in transit through Greece.

At the same time, there are various factors that can easily make Greece a potential target of Islamist terrorism. The fact that it lacks the strategic interest that such individuals seek. The Arab regimes with which Greece maintained good diplomatic relations in the past do not exist anymore. Radical groups could participate in low-risk activities, such as recruitment, funding, propaganda and training in the country. Also, Greece is in close proximity to countries that ‘export’ radicalism.

The counter-terrorism agencies not only have to curb the menace of far-right terrorism in the country, but also stop radical Islamist terrorism before it rears its ugly head.

The biggest hurdle in this war against terror is to find a foolproof way of identifying who the terrorists really are. Terrorists are very good at blending in with the innocents till the last moment. Conventional and reactive methods are not particularly good in preventing terrorist attacks and the loss of life. During interrogation, these methods are time-consuming, ineffective, and involve torture. Although being proactive can help prevent such horrific acts against innocent citizens, traditional methods are just not enough.


Counter-terrorism agencies can benefit by acquiring a specific screening tool which can distinguish a possible terrorist from innocent members of society.

The tool in question must be more reliable and accurate than lengthy interrogation. It will become more effective in leading to the perpetrator and discover others faster.

In fact, there does exist a technology which can detect the awareness of specific information in the human brain without the need for torture and inhumane interrogation. There is a massive gap in innovation. The terrorists have become evasive, use newer weapons and tactics. iCognative by Brainwave Science can help anti-terror agencies to bridge this dangerous chasm.  iCognative test is administered on a person using a specialized wireless headset and computer-based system. Within 45 minutes, the test can determine with over 99% accuracy if a person is aware of information which only an extremist must know.

Counter-Terrorist agencies upload evidence related to terror groups, their attacks, and other intelligence onto the iCognative system. This information can be in the form of images, words and phrases. iCognative test subjects are shown the above-mentioned stimuli and their brainwave responses are picked up the specialized headset. The system then determines if the individual has awareness of this information and thus if he could be a member of a terrorist organization or not. Moreover, the rank of the person can also be determined. The members of sleeper cells cannot forget their propaganda and brainwashing, so their brains will not lie even if they were radicalized years ago. iCognative proves to be a proactive tool because it can help find intelligence and uncover terrorist plots. There is no known way to beat the test, and it does not report any false positives or false negatives.

Also, once a suspect is caught, the level of their involvement in a terrorist attack can be found out. The system can be used in any country owing to its high customization and access control features. Being a user-friendly system, there is a minimal requirement of training test administrators. It measures the distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli. There is no trauma and torture involved in this test. There are no countermeasures to the test, unlike conventional lie-detection mechanisms.

Many times, innocent persons are mistakenly incarcerated. iCognative test not only helps put the guilty behind bars but also helps exonerate those who are innocent.

The Greek counter-terror agencies must collect all evidence possible in this case and leave the elicitation of the truth to iCognative. The possible stimulus can include details or recordings/tracking details of the anonymous phone call to the broadcasting company, the bomb fragments, the details of the explosive material and shrapnel used, the time of the attack, exact place outside the building where the bomb was placed, etc. The supplies were most likely bought from supply stores in Athens. The pictures and details of such stores can also be used to screen arrested suspects.

iCognative not only helps finds if the individual is guilty or innocent but also helps understand the hierarchy and structure of the network without torture. This is extremely difficult to achieve using other existing methods. Unlike DNA and conventional fingerprinting, it is applicable to more than 85% of criminal and civil cases. This revolutionary tool from Brainwave Science is the tool which can speed up the process of elimination of terror from Greece and all over the world in general.

Main Source: Channel News Asia

Image Source: Channel News Asia