Boston Police Captain’s Son – soldier of ISIS, sentenced 20 years behind bars

September 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Boston Police Captain’s Son – soldier of ISIS: iCognative by Brainwave ScienceSITUATION:

Alexander Ciccolo, 26, is a son of a Boston police captain has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for an ISIS-inspired terrorist plot — three years after his father tipped off federal law enforcement. Alexander Ciccolo went by the name Ali Al Amriki. His father, Robert Ciccolo, noted his son’s admiration of the terrorist group and alerted the FBI. Alexander was arrested in July 2015 after a sting operation in which he accepted firearms that were illegal due to an earlier conviction. He was also recorded discussing plans that involved filling pressure cookers with black powder, nails and ball bearings, according to the federal prosecutors’ statement. When law enforcement searched his apartment, they found partially made Molotov cocktails.

Ciccolo pleaded guilty to providing material support to a foreign terrorist group, attempting to use weapons of mass destruction, possessing firearms and assaulting a nurse during a jail intake process. “Alexander Ciccolo planned to kill innocent civilians in the United States on ISIS’s behalf,” prosecutor Andrew Lelling said in the statement. “Even though he was born and spent most of his life in Massachusetts, Ciccolo decided to turn against his country and plotted to attack his fellow Americans.”


Terrorism has changed dramatically in recent years. Attacks by groups with defined chains of command have become rarer, as the prevalence of terrorist networks, autonomous cells, and, in rare cases, individuals, has grown. ISIS has changed the face of global jihadi communication. By packaging its warped ideology in slick magazines and Hollywood-esque propaganda videos, ISIS has used the Internet to spread its message aggressively.

According to Harold Shaw who has served as the Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Boston Division even at the time of famous Boston Marathon Terrorist attack in 2015, “Modes of radicalization have dramatically shifted over the past 10 to 20 years. As of recent times, many of the individuals prone to supporting terrorist causes or potentially involved in future U.S. attacks do not even have to travel overseas. At one point, travel was a critical tripwire that helped us discern if somebody was truly committed to joining or supporting al-Qaeda, AQAP, al-Shabaab, ISIS, or Hezbollah. Now, the new dynamic is that the same radicalization can occur simply through online correspondence.”


It is a known fact that Terrorist attacks will not be foiled by increased regulation, censorship of online content alone. But by ensuring there are sufficient efforts challenging the poisonous ideology of Islamist extremism and that it has less room to operate in, society can address the common thread that underpins the violence. Technology can support HUMINT in ways unimaginable before. One such technology that promises to deliver proven results is iCognative by Brainwave Science.  Unlike other technologies that fail to fit the bid for law enforcement agencies, Brainwave Science has developed a technology specifically keeping the user in mind. Patent-free P300 science behind iCognative has been elevated to unprecedented levels of accuracy by expert technological teams at Brainwave Science. Utilization of cutting edge algorithms and robust analysis engine along with delivery of technology as SAAS model make it virtually incomparable to anything in the market today. Highly accurate and customer centric Brainwave Science technology taps directly into the source of all criminal information – human brain.

Specific crime related details are retrieved from the memory of the perpetrator and confirmed with over 99.9% accuracy. Investigation details, including case facts in the form of words, phrases, images, etc., is flashed on a screen while a suspect observes these details (Stimuli) wearing a non-invasive EEG headset.  Human rights compliant and programmed to be exceptionally accurate, this widely applicable Brainwave Science technology has capability to confirm all details concealed in the brain of   Alexander Ciccolo aka Ali Al Amriki. FBI counter terrorism and counter intelligence agents who investigate cases of domestic terrorism and online radicalization would feel empowered with troves of intelligence after conducting system driven iCognative test.  All the unknowns, missing links and hidden details regarding Alexander’s connections with ISIS operatives, planned attacks, knowledge of other lone-wolves, operational methodology, bombs other than pressure-cooker bombs he planned to use, financial support he received from terrorist sympathizers., etc., can all be uncovered with utilization of iCognative technology by Brainwave Science. Additionally, the key witness in the case can be subjected to the test to confirm his/her testimonies as well. Within 45 minutes truth regarding all terrorism related actions carried out or planned can be exposed to law enforcement agencies in Boston.

Terrorism takes the lives of innocents and there is no doubt about that. Boston Marathon bombers were ruthless killers who deserved no mercy or forgiveness. Past cannot be changed but the use of iCognative technology can very well serve as a warning to any potential criminals who think they would not see the light of justice and the whole network of supporters won’t be penalized. Deploy life-saving iCognative technology in its most advanced form developed and provided only by Brainwave Science. Zero in on all terrorists and terrorism sympathizers, entrust law enforcement with cutting edge technology that digs up deep in a criminal’s brain for specific crime related concealed information – iCognative by Brainwave Science is the technology for today’s world.

Main Source: ABC News
Image: NPR