Pakistan ISI use Facebook to honey-trap Indian Army officials.

September 24, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Pakistan ISI use Facebook to honey-trap Indian Army officials.- brainwave scienceSITUATION

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested a Border Security Force (BSF) personnel from Noida, India on the charge of sharing vital information with Pakistan ISI agents through Facebook, state police chief O P Singh said Wednesday.

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency is allegedly using social media to trap Indian armed force personnel as well as common people through Facebook likes and comments features. The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS)  discovered this alarming trend during investigation of a case related to the arrested BSF personnel, Achyutanand Mishra. Pakistan ISI used Facebook to extract crucial information about BSF logistics, operational details, police academy, details of weapon ammunition, troop movement and other vital information.

Inspector general (IG) of ATS, Asim Arun said the BSF personnel, Mishra, was honey-trapped by an unknown Facebook user posing as a woman who liked his photograph. Mishra walked into the trap laid by the ISI. The Facebook account of ISI agents that was used to trap Mishra had as many as 90 Indians on its friend list. Asim Arun cited another similar case from Rajasthan where the same trick was used on a 19-year-old boy to collect information about the armed force movement and logistic. The unknown social media user hired the boy for routine information at a salary of INR 4,000.

Officials stated that ISI mostly targets armed forces personnel or aspirants or someone who lives close to important security and armed forces installations to share vital information by posing as a girl and vowed to marry them.


As social media continues to evolve, platforms like Facebook and other poses a threat to National Security. As online predators have also made advancement to cause harm. Terrorist Organization and Foreign enemy intelligence agencies use social media as a tool to recruit, communicate and train their members, spread propaganda and radicalization to a great extent. One such example: unknown likes and comments on Facebook can be a trap by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI to extract vital information about National Security.

 Asim Arun admitted that multiple cases of ‘social media trap’ by ISI have been reported in recent years in which people got trapped through simple likes and comments on their post by unknown people, mainly girls. It is extremely difficult to monitor every single social media account of armed forces personnel and common people. It is almost impossible to track which vital information is shared with these intelligence agencies. Due to advancement made in technologies, these intelligence agencies like ISI always find a new way to trap Indian citizens.


The terrorist groups and foreign intelligence agencies have long-targeted armed forces personnel and common people to extract vital information about Indian army. Indian government should recognize such social media traps by Pakistan ISI as a breach to national security and take appropriate measures to identify the information shared and corrupt law enforcement personnel. The finest and the surest approach to identify shared vital information and crooked arms forces personnel is through use of an upgraded modern forensic technology that is cost-effective, safe, non- invasive, offers unprecedented accuracy rate and guarantees positive result that no other conventional investigative technology could offer. The only existing technology that can provide such extraordinary features and provide the truth behind this case with over 99% accuracy is called iCognative and it is developed by a reputed US company Brainwave Science.

iCognative is the only technology available in the security market that can determine what the suspect really knows and can further determine what sensitive information was shared; when it was shared, what the suspect got in return; financial details and other vital information from the best and foolproof source of all action- the human brain. In not more than an hour, iCognative test scientifically and accurately provides all the vital information as mentioned above using no inhumane methods like torture. The test involves no question answers, no false positives or false negatives and no human intervention.

A 45-minute iCognative test when utilized by Indian law enforcement agencies would reveal Mishra’s connection to the Facebook user, provide 100% accurate information shared, whether he was trapped or he gained something personally by sharing such information, the name and picture of the ISI agent and other vital information necessary to investigate at the right time and in the right direction before any damage could be done to Indian security.

iCognative was invented to protect the interests of a nation through the power of brainwave. Anti-Terrorism Squad can reverse engineer this trap, identify the masterminds as well as follow the money trail to gain inside information about ISI and its associates in India, all with the power of Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology.

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