Senior KDF soldiers arrested over alleged links to terrorism

September 15, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Kenya Police arrested two senior officers of the Kenya Defence Force (KDF) yesterday for plotting an illegal transportation of firearms and ammunition from Nairobi to Isiolo in a Probox.

According to Laikipia East Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD), Kizito Mutoro, arrested officers were found with 750 special rounds of ammunition used in AK-47 rifles.  Mr. Mutoro received a tip that the soldiers were plotting an illegal firearm transport on which the police acted and found a heavy container with the weapons. Earlier the team suspected containers had explosives. The arrested soldiers, rank of senior private, were taken into custody by local law enforcement and later handed over to military police.

The police chief told media that during a joint meeting they decided that KDF should take over the matter and along with OCPD search the suspects’ house and investigate. The two arrested soldiers would be handed over to the anti-terror unit if investigators found links/connection with Al Shabaab or Al Qaeda terror group, active terror group in the region.

Two weeks earlier, two men were arrested and handed over to Anti- Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) because they were suspected of having links with Al Shabaab.


“Terrorism has become a global and household issue for Kenya and Nanyuki is of interest because it is a metropolitan town along the highway. We are vulnerable to terrorism, but we are alert. We require accurate intelligence of any suspicious strangers,” said Laikipia East OCPD Kizito Mutoro.

Kenya has suffered the far-reaching effects of repeated attacks by Somalia-based Al-Shabaab and Afghanistan-based Al-Qaida terror group for years. Thousands of innocent people died, jobs have been lost and foreign direct investment has withered. There have been strong allegations as well as hard evidence that Kenya’s police and military have occasionally colluded with these terrorist networks.

The most promising way to reduce terrorism in Kenya is through appropriate measures to identify terrorist from innocents, accurate intelligence about terrorist operations, planning and hideout, better border security technology and national security apparatuses.


There have been several terrorist attacks in Kenya by Al Shabaab and Al-Qaida in recent years. The terrorist groups targeted members of the Kenyan security forces and civilians. The Kenyan government should recognize the terrorist group advancement made to breach the national security and take appropriate measures to screen and identify the terrorists, sympathizers, supporter and corrupt law enforcement personnel. It is imperative that Kenya Police and Anti-Terrorism Police Unit embrace a more accurate source of intelligence to obtain accurate terrorism information- find out from the suspect’s brain the source of all planning and plotting.

iCognative offered only by Brainwave Science is a scientific, guaranteed, non-invasive and easy-to-use and learn technology that can accurately determine what these soldiers know by recording and analyzing their brainwave response to specific information such as their involvement with Al Shabaab or Al Qaida, identification of their handler, other corrupted law enforcement personnel, financial details, location of terror groups, plotted plans and other vital information with over 99% accuracy. Such accurate and useful information cannot be gained through any existing investigative technology. In not more than an hour, iCognative test scientifically and accurately differentiates the terrorists from innocent without using any inhumane methods like torture that usually leads to unreliable information. iCognative further provides arrested soldiers’ connection to the terror group, depth of their connection, specific information they know, how they were approached, existing members of the group and other reliable information and links that grant investigators with an accurate information especially when time is of the essence.

With the advancement made by the terrorist organization around the globe, iCognative can very well be the silver-bullet to crush terrorism through the power of brainwaves. The technology would identify new suspects, provide 100% accurate hidden links and connections that may help dismantle the whole terrorist networks in a few months. Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology guarantees a high success rate and results and has a proven track record of supporting counter-terrorism agencies protect innocents and support capture terrorists, sympathizers and supporters within the country and abroad.


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