Cairo bombing: three policemen killed pursuing bomber

February 19, 2019 | Brainwave Science


A wanted Egyptian militant killed three policemen and wounded five people, including three civilians, while he was being chased by the police officers near tourist market in the heart of the Egyptian capital. The suspected militant denoted the explosive when policemen tried to arrest and control him. This is the third terror-related incident in Egypt since last Friday.Cairo bombing

The spokesperson for Egypt’s Interior ministry said, “After catching the suspect in the crowded market close to the Al-Azhar mosque, one of the explosive devices in his possession exploded, causing the death of the terrorist and the martyrdom of a police officer from national security and officers from Cairo investigations department.”Cairo bombing

Police identified the bomber as a 37-year-old man who was a foreign national and found several explosive devices when they inspected his apartment. The building was temporarily evacuated until experts defused the bomb.Cairo bombing

The interior ministry said security forces were pursuing the suspect in the search for the perpetrator of an attempted attack against a police patrol in western Cairo on Friday. However, there was no claim of responsibility for the Friday attack, but authorities blamed the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist group branded a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government. The officials said, police were also looking into the possibility that the suspect was acting alone. The local new channel broadcast a black-and-white photo of the suspect which was identified by the police as Al-Hassan Abdullah.

It was the third security incident to hit the country in the past week, including an attack on a military checkpoint in the Sinai Peninsula that left 15 soldiers and seven militants dead. It is considered as the deadliest attack in the mostly desert peninsula since November 2017.Cairo bombing


The Islamic State affiliate Wilayat Sinai has proved to be a persistent enemy that is increasingly capable of attacking targets within mainland Egypt. Although most terror-related attacks occur in Northern Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, attacks in the capital are relatively rare but quite possible. Recent terror-related attacks have demonstrated the effectiveness of Islamic State to target the heart of Egypt.Cairo bombing

Egyptian security forces have been waging a campaign against Islamist militants since 2013 focused in the north of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Regardless of these efforts, there have been an imminent threat to Egyptian national security.Cairo bombing

The Egyptian government’s counter-terrorism campaign has resulted in a reduction in the number of terrorist attacks on the Egyptian mainland. However, many of the tactics used by the Egyptian government and counter-terrorism had a backlash where organization like Wilayat Sinai and other terror-organizations were able to continue to broaden their operations within Egypt. The IS affiliate militants in Egypt usually target government institutions, security forces, military installations and personnel and Christian minority which lead to political instability and chaos. National Security personnel are the most popular victims of these terror attacks in Egypt for decades.

Sometimes, these militants also target foreign consulates as a vengeance for their efforts to eliminate the Islamic States in Iraq and Syria. Last year, militants attacked US embassy in Cairo.Cairo bombing

Thousands of militants have been arrested, hundreds of law enforcement personnel and civilians have died in crossfire for the past decade. Now the question is how more need to die before Egyptian authorities find a permanent solution for terrorism? In consideration of safeguarding the nation’s interest, eliminating these terror groups has become the top priority and biggest challenge for counter-terrorism agencies. It is understood that crushing Wilayat Sinai and other terror organization would take more than bullets and bombs. The counter-terrorism agencies need accurate and infallible intelligence and evidence before they can strike the blow else it would turn into chaos as this incident did.


The Egyptian hinterland has witnessed more than seventeen hundred attacks over the past four years. The Human Rights Watch has accused military personnel for using inhumane methods like torture and extrajudicial killings, in its campaign against an affiliate of the extremist group Islamic State. Considering the inexorable pressure on counter-terrorism agencies to eliminate such terror groups, intelligence gathering has become a challenging task for security personnel these days. Till now counter-terrorism personnel relied on existing conventional intelligence gathering tools which do not guarantee accurate results, are time taking processes and do not reveal what information a suspect possesses and is trying to conceal from the investigation.

Recurring terrorism attacks and difficult to gather accurate terrorism-related information demonstrates exactly why counter-terrorism unit desperately needs to consider an alternative method or process to gather accurate intelligence and evidence and identify the terrorist from innocent within a record-breaking time. In order to defeat Wilayat Sinai and other terrorist groups, a non-intrusive, affordable and efficient technology with virtually perfect accuracy and respect human right is needed by counter-terrorism personnel.

Brainwave Science has unveiled the most revolutionary technology of this century that empowers counter-terrorism personnel to determine who the terrorist is, by matching crime-related information from an infallible witness-the human brain with over 99% accuracy without using any inhumane methods and it’s called iCognative. This technology understands the frustration of counter-terrorism personnel during the interrogation of trained terrorists in order to gain accurate information. As to minimize the possibility of error and innocent suffering, iCognative provides counter-terrorism personnel scientific and proven way to tap inside the terrorist’s brain and reveal what information he/she possess or trying to conceal from the investigators and further help the counter-terrorism personnel to identify the foot soldiers and mastermind and provide the best opportunity and time-frame to strike the deathly blow without any loss of civilian life.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said the necessary step to eliminate the terrorism is to uproot it and Yes he is right. iCognative is the only forensic and scientific technology that can fulfil Abdel-Fattah’s request within a record-breaking time. Counter-terrorism agencies around the globe who are facing difficulty to eliminate Islamic State, or any other terror organization can utilize iCognative technology to gain accurate information and determine terrorists from innocents with 99% accuracy with an assurance of minimal causality and a firm blow. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once a 45-minutes iCognative test is conducted by counter-terrorism personnel on the arrested terrorists or suspects. Information such as: are these terror attacks linked, which organization is responsible, Al-Hassan Abdullah was linked to which organization, any accomplice involved in the attack on last Friday, identification of mastermind or key leaders, location of training base, links with ISIS, details of terrorist financing methods, details of future planned attacks, etc., would be easily available to counter-terrorism personnel to reverse engineer the whole terrorist network, disrupt financing methods, arrest the masterminds and eliminate Islamic State or any other terrorist organization before they could plan to harm any other civilian or law enforcement personnel .

An assigned investigator uploads all the investigative details related to this and previous two attacks into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brain responses when case related known and confidential information (together called Stimuli) is flashed to the suspects on a digital screen in the forms of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information they possess and/or are trying to conceal from the investigator.  iCognative is the only technology in the security market that protect innocent, respect human right and provide 99% accurate intelligence with the goal to eliminate terrorism from the face of earth.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the most advanced and the only applicable technology for the Egyptian counter-terrorism agency to boost their confidence, maximize their effort to eliminate terrorism, arrest masterminds and protect innocent without the fear of failure or error. iCognative is the only hope for President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi to uproot terrorism and prosper Egypt with peace.


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