German Police raid mosque over suspected financing of Syria fighter

December 18, 2018 | Brainwave Science

German Police raid mosque over suspected financing of Syria fighter


German police raided a mosque and other buildings in Berlin on Tuesday morning related to suspected terror financing. This included the As-Sahaba mosque in the Berlin neighborhood of Wedding. One of the main suspects was identified as Ahmad A. A.K.A. Abul Baraa., an imam at the mosque.

The 45-year-old is suspected of sending money to an Islamist fighter in Syria for the purchase of military equipment to carry out terrorist criminal acts.

Authorities did not immediately release further details about the raids or provide further details about when the alleged money transfer took place. The As-Sahaba mosque is under surveillance by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency and is considered an important meeting point for members of Germany’s radical Salafist scene.

The mosque was founded in 2010 by the German-Egyptian Islamist Reda Seyam, who is accused of taking part in a terror attack in Bali, according to the paper. He later left Germany to travel to Syria to become the education minister for the Islamic State (IS) group.


In order to facilitate terrorist attacks, radicals and sympathizers from around the globe sponsor terror organisations. Most of the money transferred by the financiers is in small amounts to avoid raising any suspicion from both governments and financial institutions. It is very difficult for the authorities to track the money and recipients. Terrorist organizations resort to novel ways like payment through crypto-currencies like bitcoin and peer-to-peer payments on social networks. These transactions are almost untraceable since they take place on the dark side of the internet.

The German government is increasingly concerned about the number of its nationals becoming terrorists directly or indirectly. Potential Islamic militants are known individuals whose activities have aroused suspicions and concerns by the authorities in Germany, posing a direct threat to national security and public safety because of their support for terrorism. As a result, they are being monitored by German law enforcement agencies, although this is not always possible when some of them travel abroad. 


Like any operation and organization, money gets the ball rolling. The same is true for terrorism. By being able to disrupt the flow of money, counter-terrorism agencies can strangle the organisations and stop it in its tracks. The agencies try to follow the money trail in order to expose the game and also the players.

In this situation which threatens the National Security of Germany, the anti-terror agencies and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) can take the help of a modern forensic technology which can determine with over 99% accuracy if the suspects have awareness of specific knowledge related to terrorism or not. This can also help to reveal an awareness of identities of the financiers, transaction methods, recruiters, brain-washers, other group members, the rank and file of the group and other confidential information is concealed in suspects’ brain. One technology seems to have the potential to provide national security authorities with important indicators as to a person-of-interest’s likely involvement in terrorism – and even his or her level of radicalization and can even help reverse engineer the whole financial network that supports terrorists. It’s called iCognative technology provided solely by Brainwave Science.

The primary aim is to identify the connections, missing links, plans of other activities from the arrested imam of the mosque, gather accurate intelligence about the illicit money transfers, identification of recipients, links to terrorist organizations. This information cannot be effectively gained through any conventional investigative tool. The ability of iCognative’s to determine if specific information terror financing present in the suspect’s brain extremely helpful in the war against terror. iCognative is thus an extremely powerful and accurate intelligence gathering tool.

iCognative was invented to protect the innocents against terror and also suspects against torture. The test involves no interaction between the administrator and the subject. There are no known countermeasures and no false positives and no false negatives are reported. By using iCognative the German authorities can take leaps and bounds in the field of interrogation and investigation. iCognative technology guarantees a high success rate and results and has a proven track record of supporting government agencies, protects innocents, identify the threat and swiftly capture the potential suspects. 

iCognative not only finds if the individual possesses crime-related information but also helps understand the hierarchy and structure of the network without torture. This is very difficult to achieve using other existing methods. Unlike DNA and conventional fingerprinting, it is applicable to more than 85% of criminal and civil cases. This revolutionary tool from Brainwave Science which can help the German authorities to hit the terror networks where it will matter the most-the finances.

Main Source: Reuters

Image Source: DW