St Patrick’s Cathedral: NYPD arrested a professor with gas cans

April 18, 2019 | Brainwave Science

St Patrick’s Cathedral: NYPD arrested a professor with gas cans: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

A New Jersey man was arrested by NYPD officials after entering St Patrick’s Cathedral carrying two cans of highly inflammable fluids, lighter fluid and butane lighters. The incident occurred just days after flames consumed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

The 37-year-old suspect has been identified by law enforcement personnel as Marc Lamparello, a doctoral candidate and adjunct lecturer in the City University of New York’s philosophy department.

New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said the arrested man Lamparello claimed he was taking a shortcut through the cathedral yesterday after his car ran out of petrol, but his answers were “inconsistent and evasive.”

John Miller said, “It’s hard to say exactly what his intentions were but I think the totality of circumstances of an individual walking into an iconic location like St Patrick’s Cathedral, carrying over four gallons of gasoline, two bottles of lighter fluid and lighters is something we would have great concern over.”

According to investigators, Marc Lamparello initially told cathedral security officers he was cutting through the cathedral to get to Madison Avenue and that his car has run out of gas, but when officers checked his car, it had gas. NYPD’s counter-terrorism bureau was immediately alerted, and the suspect was arrested. NYPD’s counter-terrorism bureau and FBI’s joint terrorism task force are involved and investigating the case, checking the suspect’s background, collaborating with other agencies and trying to identify the motive and links to terrorism.

Since inferno at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Police has increased their presence around churches and the religious institution as a precaution even in the US and due to such precautions, a notorious crime was prevented. New York City Council Justin Brannan did confirm that through his twitter account.


Churches and other religious places are meant to be sanctuaries from all the evil that happens in the outside world. But for many reasons, churches around the globe including in America are becoming ‘soft targets’ for protests, predators and even for terrorists. According to counter-terrorism agencies, the threat against churches and other religious places are rising worldwide since the Islamic State (ISIS) has vowed to “turn the Christian New Year into a bloody horror movie”.

The lone-wolf attackers in America and Europe are persuasively targeting different popular Churches and other religious for past years. The reason to choose religious places is to hurt the sentiment of a specific community. Such crime does not just hit a building but also hits the confidence and faith of a community which is targeted. Consequences of such terror attacks lead to chaos, civil wars and spread of fear at a large scale. The attacks are carried out in various forms like a mass shooting, arson, vehicle ramming, knife attacks, etc. Recent attacks such as Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, mass shooting two mosques at the Christchurch New Zealand, and last week, a suspect arrested over suspicious fires at Black churches in Louisiana are just a few examples that would haunt us for years.

St Patrick’s Cathedral incident comes two days after the inferno that consumed the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris which French law enforcement suspect as an accident related to ongoing renovation work. However, terrorists or radicalized individual can easily blend in and cause such massacre, haunting memories for decades. French Investigators are still investigating the cause of the inferno at Notre Dame. It is quite possible that ISIS and any other extremist group have planned to target such historic churches around the globe before the eve of Easter. Sometimes people with mental disorders are encouraged to carry out copy-cat attacks just for a moment of glory in today’s interconnected global environment. With a thorough investigation, NYPD counter-terrorism personnel can identify the link between these attacks, if there is any, or else they can identify the motive of arsonists behind St. Patrick’s Cathedral fire attack and future notorious agenda.

Domestic terrorism is a bigger threat to a nation. Investigators in Paris say renovation works at Notre-Dame could have accidentally sparked Monday’s fire. While the investigation in (St Patrick’s Cathedral) is still ongoing it cannot be ruled out that it may not have been an accident. It is in the interest of national security that law enforcement agencies prevent such attacks and quickly prosecute the perpetrators (if any) to send out a strong message of zero-tolerance against terrorism.


Violence against Christians and Jews has been a prime focus of Islamic terror organization and neo-Nazis for decades. Such violence is rapidly increasing in Europe and Africa continents and reaching out to the United States. Terrorist question the government and counter-terrorism personnel, are you prepared to address it?

Brainwave Science, a US-based company has developed and provides scientific and revolutionary security methods that address the question raised by terrorists. Once, this technology called iCognative is deployed by law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies as prime investigative weaponry, every known and unknown perpetrator can be distinguished from innocent within 45-minutes to an hour of testing. iCognative determines whether specific crime-related information is present in the suspect’s brain or not. Brainwave Science has proven record of having served several agencies around the globe to identify the terrorists or radicalized individuals helps reveal what information they possess and/or trying to conceal from the investigator regarding a specific case in question. Rather than adapting technol­ogies to stay apace of evolving dangers and chang­ing tactics, we need to get ahead of the terrorists and develop “overmatching” security systems that protect the public, safeguard their liberties, and leave travel and commerce unencumbered. iCognative is one such technology. The suspected terrorists, accomplice or radicalized is attached to a headband equipped with advanced sensors measuring his or her EEG while stimuli are flashed on a computer screen for a fraction of a second. Concealing any crime-related information from iCognative technology is next to impossible.

iCognative helps counter-terrorism personnel to identify or exonerate subjects based upon measuring brain-wave responses to crime-related words, pictures, and phrases displayed on a computer screen. Possibility of human or scientific error in the advanced iCognative is zero.

NYPD counter-terrorism bureau and other agencies including Paris law enforcement agencies that are facing challenges to investigate the massacre and prevent terrorism can deploy iCognative, advanced neuroscience based-technology that is torture free and provide accurate and reliable results within 45-minutes to an hour test. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once iCognative test is conducted by NYPD on Marc Lamparello. iCognative test can assist NYPD and FBI counter-terrorism personnel to thoroughly and accurately investigate this case and identify the motive, accomplice or terrorist organization behind this crime. Information such as: any link to Notre Dame Cathedral or any other incident, what is the motive behind the crime, any link to known or unknown terrorist organization, any accomplice or handler involved, identification of the handler or mastermind, details of future attacks, location of other accomplices if any, method of communicating, details of bank records, etc., would be easily available to NYPD and FBI counter-terrorism personnel to investigate this case and use the gain information to identify the future threats and reverse engineer the whole terrorist web operating in United States and elsewhere. iCognative technology is the only method through which all the terrorist or radicalized can be identified from the innocents and destroy the operating terror web within the United States. iCognative by Brainwave Science can assure that no harm, in any form, could be done to any “non-believer” within a territory where iCognative is being used as a primary investigative tool by law enforcement personnel. iCognative provides investigators with a whole new state-of-the-art weapon in the fight against terrorism…empowering them to peek inside the brain and pinpoint and chart the very origin of deception. You want to look inside the minds of criminals, foreign or domestic terrorists, and any other person who poses a threat to society, iCognative is the technology you are looking for.

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