ISIS-styled terror cell discovered in India, 2 more arrested

January 3, 2019 | Brainwave Science



Two additional persons have been taken into custody in the matter of the ISIS-style terrorist cell which was busted a few days ago. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) and the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) arrested two scrap dealers from Amroha in Western Uttar Pradesh.

The NIA and ATS raided suspected scrap dealers, on the 2nd of January. A week ago, 10 suspects were arrested and 6 more were detained. The agencies raided 17 places across Delhi and neighboring states.

Wednesday’s raids follow searches carried out in Saidapura village near Amroha on Tuesday. Amroha has been the focus of the raids since it is the hometown of 29-year-old Suhail, the alleged mastermind of the terror cell.

The NIA has custody of the 10 suspects and is interrogating them further. The concerned terror cell styled like the ISIS is named Harkat-ul Harb-e-Islam. The suspects said that they planned to leave the ISIS flag at the attack sites to spread terror across India. The handler of the terrorist cell Abu Malik Peshwani has been identified by the NIA. The NIA suspects that the Pakistani terrorist-intelligence nexus has been using the terrorist cell as an ISIS group to attack India.

The route through which the suspects acquired the weapons is suspicious to the authorities. Seized items include 25 kg of various explosives, 12 pistols, 150 bullets, one rocket launcher, 112 alarm clocks, other bomb-making paraphernalia and 91 mobile phones, 134 SIM cards, three laptops, knife, sword, ISIS-related literature and cash amounting to USD 10,600.


The ISIS has striven to spread its influence from Syria all the way across to the Indian Sub-continent. First, it was Afghanistan, then Pakistan where the ISIS spread its influence, and now it is India where terrorist cells have been found.

In addition to the presence of the above groups, there are other groups which threaten the innocent civilians of India, including the Naxalites. The Government of India has spent millions of dollars to fight against Pakistan and to curb the menace of homegrown communalism. Moreover, the lack of accurate information about the locations and plans of members of these terrorist cells is the biggest hurdle faced by the security agencies. The locals and informants possess information but avoid helping the security agencies because of the fear of the terrorists.

The discovery of the high amount of bomb-making material and related equipment can be greatly utilized by investigative agencies, provided there is a foolproof and efficient method of screening suspects.


The conventional ways to fight terrorism seem to have failed as dangerous terrorist groups like the ISIS are beginning to bare their fangs in the relatively restive states of India. It is high time that the Indian anti-terror agencies make use of a modern specific screening tool which can help it identify those with terrorist training, exposure to radical propaganda material, awareness of terror event plans, member of sleeper cells, etc. A tool will be greatly appreciated which can help pinpoint the people who fund terror or help brainwash and train the recruits, etc.

Such technology exists and can provide valuable information and help nab terrorists before they cause widespread damage. iCognative developed and designed by Brainwave Science is a modern forensic technology that is accurate, portable, easy to use and easy to master. It can provide results, leads and intelligence with over 99% accuracy within an hour. iCognative can identify a terrorist or a sleeper-cell member among the suspects.  iCognative provides a scientific solution to the fundamental problem in counterterrorism: differentiating between terrorists and innocents, before the terrorists’ strike.

This is possible as it looks for the existence of specific crime-related information stored in their brain. The incriminating information would only be present in the brain of a person who is involved in terror activities. The use of iCognative by security agencies such as the NIA and ATS will help them to quickly screen the terrorists. This will enable them to act faster and always be two steps ahead of the extremists. The information stored in the brains of the terrorists can be used to reverse-engineer the organization and help reach the top bosses. Terrorist networks rely on funding from sympathizers to fulfill their terror agenda.

With this novel technology, anti-terror agencies can follow the funding trail to combat extremism. iCognative can help the security forces identify and eliminate the terrorist leaders, rather than fighting the foot soldiers of this such a vast terrorist organization.

Usually, a iCognative test lasts 45 minutes. If the testee possesses information which only a terrorist should possess, then this test will result in ‘information present’. The investigator tests the subject for the awareness of information such as make and model of the various seized weapons, the source of the sim cards, mobile phones, and other paraphernalia, time of the attack, number of attackers and the kind of their weapons, hierarchy within the organization, etc.

This test can be administered to all the arrested and detained suspects. Their links with past events can be found in order to solve previous cases and gain insight. Other information like bomb-making knowledge, financial information, links to radical followers can also be added to the iCognative system by the investigator. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of the suspect to determine with over 99% accuracy whether specific crime-related information under question is present in the suspect’s brain or not.

iCognative helps security agencies to move in the right direction and crush threats in time.

India is a big country and hundreds of thousands of lives can be saved by adopting iCognative by Brainwave Science. It can turn the tables in matters of National Security and Counter-terrorism. The test has no counter-measures, no false-positives, and no false-negatives. The Indian Government can now avail a tool which can help end this menace of foreign-sponsored terrorism in a cost-effective and scientific manner.

 Main Source: DNA India