ISIS threatens London with Christmas massacre

January 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science



With an increased presence in Great Britain, ISIS is still one of the most active threats in Great Britain. 2017 has seen an unprecedented 34 people die, and 218 people injured in three separate attacks by Islamist extremists on British soil. Recently, new threats have emerged in a series of secret messages that claims ISIS terrorists have threatened directly to hit Regent Street on Christmas with a bloodbath.

This is not ISIS’s first-holiday threat, as last year they killed 12 people in a truck rampage in Berlin. Pictures from ISIS supporters on secretive encrypted messaging groups show the message “Soon on your holidays”, with a picture of a hooded terrorist standing over a kneeling and tied up Santa, about to be executed. ISIS published this image threatening Regent Street on encrypted groups that support ISIS. The image was intercepted by the intelligence firm BlackOps Cyber, reports The Epoch Times.

Authorities are now preparing and are on full-alert for Christmas, as a result of this new threat and in order to prevent bloodshed.




The rise in terrorist attacks and the increasingly sophisticated methods of perpetration are outpacing the technical solutions to fight it. Terrorists are always looking for new ways to strike and new targets to attack, as they are quick to find the best methods for their madness.

A new strategic approach, a better one, in terms of counterterrorism and counterintelligence can prevent these disasters and reduce the number of loses, in terms of human lives and human rights. More than once, insufficient information determines the wrong approach and with insufficient accurate intelligence, authorities will face the same problem, over and over again, without the means to stop it. Law enforcement takes considerably longer to update their investigatory techniques, while terrorists refine their methods in a short time frame.




With so many repeated attacks and victims, there is a need for a better strategy against terrorist acts and the people who inflict them. Given the pace and scope of lone-wolf attackers and terrorist networks, an efficient method of intelligence collection that can quickly preempt and neutralize hostile threats is imperative.

iCognative, developed and modernized only by Brainwave Science, is an objective and scientific technology that has the purpose of distinguishing between terrorists and innocents. This technology detects the information stored in a terrorist’s brain and helps authorities take action. iCognative is the paradigm shifter in the war against terror providing counterterrorism units with capabilities never available before, such as identifying perpetrators of terrorist act, members of terrorists cells, plans for future terrorist acts, validate and objectively test hypotheses generated by link analysis, network analysis programs – who is connected to which other individuals, groups, operations, etc.

With this technology asset, authorities in the UK have the chance to collect more intelligence regarding this terrorist threat, identifying key people that can provide more info and act before time to prevent a possible massacre.



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