Terrorism and Illegal Migration into Italy – another 15 arrested

January 9, 2019 | Brainwave Science


15 men belonging to a dangerous organization have been arrested in Sicily during a nighttime operation. It is suspected that they deal with illegal migration and terrorism. They will be charged with instigating terrorism and involving themselves with illegal migration.

The organization allegedly charged €2,500 or USD 2,882 for transferring migrants to Trapani from Tunisian borders which is around a 150-kilometer long boat ride. They used fast dinghies to transport the migrants.

These people belonged to an organization which has been deemed as a national security threat. This is because the people they transferred are not always helpless and ill-informed migrants but are also those who have terrorist links and were sought after by the Tunisian police authorities.


Ever since 2014, 600,000 migrants have come to Italy. Most of these pay far less to Libyan traffickers (USD 766 to 1150) and these trips usually end up in tragedy.

About 521 migrants died last year trying to reach Italy and 6,894  made it safely and have been officially registered in Italy’s immigration system.

Earlier in April of 2018, another batch of 13 men was arrested in Sicily. Their motive was the same as the motive of the men arrested lately. They belong to the organization which transports migrants in high-speed boats. The Italian Financial police had even wiretapped a conversation between two traffickers, one of who wanted to travel to France and carry out a suicide attack and was asking for prayers.

This group used to begin their journey from the Tunisian port of Nabeul and transported the migrants to Trapani. The traffickers also carried contraband laden cigarettes of a total value of about €70,000 or USD 80,711. They can carry out two to three trips per week.

The problem is multi-fold. There is the issue of illegal immigration which causes the taxpayer’s money to be used for non-budgeted activities. Then, there is the issue of national security as some of the immigrants have terrorism as a motive. The undocumented migrants are forced to hide and commit crimes to feed themselves.

If these organizations are defeated, then many parties stand to benefit. Namely, the Italian government and public, the Tunisian government and public, larger Africa and Europe. The challenge remains in the fact that it is a herculean task to tackle such a complex and spread out an international criminal organization which has funding through terror and illegal migration.


Counterterrorism agencies and financial police have realized that current investigation and intelligence techniques are not reliable or efficient enough to deal with transnational illegal migration rings. The stakes for the agencies are raised when such organizations are involved in and funded by terrorism. With each passing day, these organizations traffic innocents and transport terrorists, are responsible for deaths of migrants in transit, loot the innocents of their hard-earned money and use it for spreading terror. Thus, it is the bonus for the counter-terrorism agencies of the affected regions to find a way to dismantle these organizations once and for all. EU immigration crisis has been one of the biggest challenges faced by western countries that see a continuous flow of migrants arriving at their shores.

Fortunately, a cutting-edge investigative weapon developed by Brainwave Science, called iCognative holds the key to this problem. It is the tool which can pinpoint and chart the very origin of deception, stored within the brain.

Terrorists are extremely adept at blending in with the innocent public. It is even more difficult to find out if a person is a member of a sleeper cell. However, iCognative can easily identify if a person has ever been exposed to propaganda material or terrorist indoctrination or bomb-making training. The principle of iCognative is simple. Even if the terrorist exhibits no peculiar behavior, his brain is always aware of his motive, his plan, his intentions and his past deeds. The brain of the terrorist contains awareness of organizations, training and plans that do not exist in an innocent person’s memory bank.

iCognative measures the brain’s response to crime-specific stimuli. This test is over 99% accurate and helps to detect IED bomb knowledge. Moreover, it can go above and beyond and help detect high-value individuals, and establish links between a suspect and known terrorist group, events. It is invaluable as it has the ability to identify even the inactive members of sleeper cells. It can be used to verify the hierarchical structure of terrorist organizations.

In this case of the arrest of 15 suspects, iCognative test is instrumental in helping uncover their level of involvement in the trafficking of migrants from Tunisia to Italy. Also, It can be found out if any of them are terrorists or harbor such sentiments. iCognative systems require stimuli in the form of images, words, and phrases which is related to the crime. In this case, this can be the known trafficking routes taken by the traffickers, towns through which the migrants pass, organizations, details of individuals who are known by the police to fund such organizations, all sorts of evidence and information gathered from the other such men arrested in the past.

iCognative is also a quick screening tool to detect potential threats within asylum applicants, refugee camps and migrants.

The Italian Financial Police and counter-terrorism police must use the power of iCognative, developed and provided only by Brainwave Science to help destroy these organizations which threaten the economy and peace of Italy and Europe.

iCognative is a technology which eliminates human suffering as there is no torture involved in the administration of this test. This technology is extremely portable and customizable in terms of function and language. It comprises a specialized headset which is worn by the subject. This headset measures the brainwave response of the subject when he or she views the stimuli on the screen. The data is analyzed with a proprietary algorithm which computes the result. The results tell of awareness of the stimuli in two categories, “Information Present” or “Information Absent.”

The agencies of Italy and larger Europe must try and see the way iCognative can have a transformative impact on the way intelligence can be collected.

Main source: Independent