Kenya launches National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy

September 14, 2016 | Brainwave Science

Kenya launches National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy
September 14, 2016 | Brainwave Science

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya recently launched the National Counter-Violent Extremism Strategy. The President said that having a long history of battling terrorism will use several approaches and strategies, among which will include disengagement and rehabilitation or returning foreign terrorist fighters.
The President also revealed that following the announcement of amnesty in 2014 by government, the disengagement of militant members from Al-Shabaab had risen sharply.
The focal point of “The National Counter-Terrorism Centre” will be to coordinate process of managing returnees in the country. Similar to the FARC rebel resettlement and reintegration program in Colombia, questions and concerns in communities have also arisen. Like how can the militants be trusted, what if it is a disguise, how will they reintegrate into civility, what if in the end they are not satisfied with government offers or government does not keep its end of the deal through the process?
These are tough questions considering the unforgettable atrocious act of terrorism, murdering many people, displaced or lost family members, destroyed livelihood, scared memories leaving individuals and families almost broken for life.
The big question here, is there a scientific way for The National Counter-Terrorism Center to prevent or test for “counter-Intelligence?” Fortunately, there is a technology that can help detect future threats and possible infiltration. It is called iCognative technology.
iCognative technology offers wide applicability in the area of national security but more specific in this case used as a corroborative tool for counter intelligence/ intelligence gathering. The technology can be used to identify suspected returning foreign fighters that may have the intent to infiltrate camp and results can be achieved in less than one hour of testing.
This novel technology has the capability to reveal knowledge or individual intent of a crime by analyzing event specific evidence or patterns that provides a holistic view of an event or plot.
Although the use of iCognative technology is an invaluable tool than can be used for combating the scourge of terrorism, disengagement and rehabilitation of returning foreign fighters program, iCognative technology due to its wide application in the area of investigation and intelligence gathering it can be deployed as integral part of the overall national security initiatives to help fight terrorism, counter intelligence, heinous and complex crimes in Kenya.