Police arrest three over ‘Far-Right plot that suggested Prince Harry should be shot’

December 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science



A 17-year-old Londoner was arrested today over a suspected far-Right plot by a neo-Nazi group. This group has branded Prince Harry a “race traitor” who should be shot. Two others have been arrested.

The group smeared Prince Harry for marrying a mixed race person. Also, the group expressed respect for the far-Right mass murderer Anders Breivik. It also posted an image of a woman hanging from a noose with a message that white females who date non-whites should be killed. It was found that the group has links with far-Right US extremists.
The group shared messages stating that police officers should be raped and killed and called on followers to fill their hearts with hate. The 17-year-old Londoner was arrested on suspicion of encouraging terrorism, dissemination of terrorist publications, and conspiracy to inspire racial or religious hatred. A 21-year-old man from Bath was detained.

Searches in London and Leeds were continuing. White suspects accounted for 40 per cent of the overall total of 317 terror-related arrests during the year, while Asians made up 33 per cent. It appears that part of the reason is likely to be the growing scale of the far-Right threat. The new statistics also show a rise in the number of children arrested over suspected terror-related offences, with the annual total of 22 arrests up by three.


Intelligence problems are increasingly complex and global. Also, they are ever-changing. Terrorist networks are resilient, agile, intertwined, and adaptive. Terrorists operate flexibly and their teams change quickly in response to the advances of their enemies. The terrorists keep up with rapidly evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures.
It is well known that most counterintelligence failures were insider attacks. The protection of classified information is a basic necessity to preserve covert military operations and criminal investigations and to safeguard the identities of those on dangerous missions.

There is a need for technological solutions which support the most commonly adopted intelligence disciplines, fall short in helping analysts and decision makers formulate accurate conclusions on both lone-wolf actors and complex webs of threat networks.


Introducing a technology which addresses all the challenges described above. This technology called iCognative, developed and designed by Brainwave Science, can accurately determine persons who deceive and compromise information. iCognative is exceptionally accurate and reliable. It is a  means to quickly cross-verify a persons’ version of the truth. iCognative is cost-effective and uses crime-specific information collected from various sources. iCognative meets the needs of counterintelligence agencies. It helps to effectively deter criminals from stealing and disclosing huge amounts of classified information. iCognative can determine if an individual’s memory contains crime-specific knowledge. This includes details such as knowledge of weapons used in a crime scene, bomb-making knowledge, or the structure of a terrorist organization. The subjects’ brain emits an involuntary response known as P300. The analysis of the result can determine if the subject is aware of the situation or now. iCognative is a powerful solution to help justify the cause for further investigation on leads.

In this case of far-right violence, the investigators can use iCognative Technology to conduct a test to gather further intelligence. The arrested persons are aware of the codes used by members, details of those attacked, and the methods used to kill them. how the arrested persons have been active through the times can be used to build a iCognative test.  The test takes approximately 45 minutes per person and can help Germany’s domestic intelligence agency reach the real perpetrators. The iCognative test is non-invasive, highly accurate and supports human rights.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative can provide a substantial change which can speed up the investigation of the case of a change in the Neo-nazi NSU murders and answer to a lot of questions and perhaps prevent new murders and terrorist attacks in Germany and all over the world.

Main Source: The Standard

Image Source: The Sun