Nigeria army kills the Media head of Boko Haram, Ahmad Sale

November 19, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Boko Haram’s media leader was killed in the West Africa Province of Africa by the Nigerian Army on Saturday. In 2015, Boko Haram renamed itself as the Islamic State in West Africa Province, ISWAP. The group also vowed to launch a new offensive against government forces in the region.

During a joint operation between the Nigerian Army and the Air Force, Sale Ahmad Sale, the leader of Al-Barnawi Media group, was killed. At this point, it is not known when or where the attack occurred. The army is committed to continuing attacks against Boko Haram.

Only a week ago, the popular leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, reappeared and mocked the government authorities. Shekau was believed to be dead or heavily wounded, as reported by the authorities.

The Nigerian defence forces are working hard to uproot Boko Haram and its faction from the region. The savage group is directly related to the Islamic State. Not only has it repeatedly attacked its own troops but also innocent civilians.

The killing of the media head is evidence that the important people in the terrorist group are being effectively targeted. There is hope that the others in the group will be rounded up. News of the formation of another faction of Boko Haram, called Jama’atu Nus’ratul-Islami Wal-Muslimina, has come forward. This specific faction of Boko-Haram has been gaining grounds on the Nigerian army. The warring parties blame each other of engaging in propaganda.


Innocent people die because terrorist groups roam free. For counter-terrorist agencies to eliminate the problem of fundamentalism and extremism, they must possess tools which can make investigation and interrogation efficient. Terrorism today is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the global community.  Every part of the World has gotten its fair share of the social evil including Nigeria.  Terrorist attacks and destructions of lives and properties currently pose a very big challenge to Nigerian government both at the federal and state level.

Traditional methods are not able to elicit the truth in a humane manner. Torture is involved and sometimes, innocent people go through a traumatic experience. The army and the terrorists have in the past accused each other of engaging in propaganda in their reports of combat victims. Despite claiming there are only remnants of the group to clear from the Sambisa forest, attacks, especially in northeastern Borno State, has spiked in recent months. Just this month, Islamist Boko Haram insurgency killed at least 15 people in an attack near Maiduguri, northeast Nigeria.


Counter Terrorism Agencies have been searching for a way to peek into the brain of the suspects. There is a better way than torture and inhumane interrogation. There exists a technology which can detect the awareness of specific information in the human brain. This has applications in law enforcement, criminal justice, counterterrorism and national security. It serves as a test which can help to exonerate innocent persons and put the guilty ones behind bars.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a non-invasive method to accurately find out whether the person being tested is aware of highly specific information or not. If it can be found that a person is aware of details which only the criminal is expected to know, then it can greatly help investigative agencies to zero down on criminals. Also, once a suspect is caught, the level of their involvement in a terrorist network can be found out. iCognative is a test which is administered on a person using a highly portable computer-based system. The system can be used in any country owing to its high customizability and access control features. An easy to use system, there is a minimal requirement of training test administrators. iCognative is based on the processing of brains responses. It measures distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli. There is no trauma and torture meted out to the testee. In fact, no questions are asked. There are no countermeasures to the test, unlike conventional lie-detection mechanisms. The test is accurate to a degree more than 99%. It reports no false positives or false negatives.

As the Nigerian army has stepped up the efforts against the terrorist groups, they can derive great benefits by using iCognative to test captured terrorists. It will help in reverse engineering of the hierarchy of the network. This is something that conventional interrogation cannot do efficiently. Terrorists most often are brainwashed. iCognative can support investigators in identifying potential threats. If the member of a sleeper cell pretends otherwise, his brain will reveal all the terrorism training that is contained within it. The system can be of tremendous help in verifying leadership structure within terror organizations. There may be potential threats in refugee camps. These can be quickly screened with a standard 45-minute iCognative test. It is applicable to more than 85% of criminal and civil cases. The aim of Brainwave Science is to eliminate human suffering and to strengthen intelligence gathering at the same time.

Counter-Terrorism agencies around the world use iCognative to preempt terror incidents by identifying the threats, thus saving lives.

Main Source: Africa News

Image Source: The Herald