Pittsburgh synagogue massacre inspired Ohio man’s plan for similar attack

December 11, 2018 | Brainwave Science


FBI arrested an Ohio man on terrorism charges for allegedly plotting to attack a synagogue in the Toledo, Ohio area, US. Damon M. Joseph, a 21-year-old, has been charged in federal court with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State terror group, a designated foreign terrorist organization, plotting a terrorist attack.

Damon Joseph came to the attention of federal authorities in May 2018, following his social media activities- posting photographs of weapons and various messages to support ISIS terror group. According to the Acting Special Agent in Charge Fortunato, within next eight months, the young man shifted from virtual radical jihadist to possible attack planner. He was inspired by ISIS ‘call to violence and hate toward the western communities. The FBI personnel arrested Damon on Friday evening after he took possession of two AR-15 rifles. According to U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman of Ohio said the charges described a calculated man fueled by an ideology of hatred and intent on killing innocent people.

During the Covert operation, Joseph allegedly told FBI undercover agents he was influenced by the Oct 27 attack on a Pittsburgh synagogue that killed 11 innocent Jewish worshipers.

He said, “I admire what the guy did with the shooting, actually and I can see myself carrying out this type of operations inshallah.” Damon was so confident about his plan that he said law enforcement agencies and Jew community won’t expect an attack in that area. He was urged on killing as many Jewish worshipers at a synagogue as possible including a rabbi during the Jewish Sabbath.

According to reports, Joseph met with an undercover FBI agent and discussed conducting a mass shooting attack at a synagogue in the name of the Islamic State. He further added he was deciding between two synagogues in the greater Toledo area as the choice depend on which one will have the most people, what time and what date as he wanted maximum causality. They also discussed the type of weapons to be used before he decided AR-15 rifles.

In a separate case with certain similarities, federal agents arrested Elizabeth Lecron, 23, for allegedly buying bomb-building material and plotting an upscale mass murder in the nearby city of Toledo. She allegedly communicated with undercover agents and confidential sources about her plan to commit a mass murder and being an active member of several niche web communities.


The shocking massacre of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh still haunts our memory. Pittsburgh massacre demonstrates terrorism comes in different forms. The perpetrators are fueled by an ideology of hatred and racism, mostly through social media but nothing could be done. As to taunt the massacre, anti-Semitic pamphlets were found in Pittsburgh few days ago and now this case questions the internal security of the United States.

The rise in hate crime in the United States especially Jews has become the latest challenge for the law enforcement agencies. Jews have always been the favorite target of ISIS and Neo-Nazi groups. Some incident focus on mass murders while other focus on hurting the sentiment like Hate-crime against a Jewish Professor.

However, in most of the cases, law enforcement personnel are aware of the potential threats and perpetrator/s but verifying his/her hideous intention is a lengthy process. The existing conventional investigative tools aren’t useful in such scenarios as they cannot reveal what specific crime-related information the suspect possesses. Due to such complications, law enforcement personnel find it extremely challenging to link one suspect to another. It might be possible that the information Damon Joseph possesses could have stop the Pittsburgh massacre.


Damon Joseph’s case demonstrates exactly why the law enforcement agencies need an advanced neuroscience forensic technology that can distinguish the terrorists from innocents before they plan/commit a crime and further reveal what specific information the perpetrator is trying to conceal within an hour. The interviews and polygraph which are opted by law enforcement agencies as an intelligence-gathering tool do not guarantee accurate results and are time-taking. Once the virtual radical jihadist transformed into possible attack planner, limited time is available for law enforcement agencies to gain specific information about the attack before it’s too late and the covert operation isn’t the favorite choice.

In this case, Law enforcement agencies were successful to arrest two potential terrorists, but the threat remain eminent. As the arrested terrorists were only foot-soldiers, soon new faces would take over. In order to defeat terrorism and violent crimes, Brainwave Science has already developed and designed one-of-a-kind advanced neuroscience-based technology that provides a scientific and legal way for the law enforcement personnel to tap inside the suspected terrorist’s brain to reveal the specific crime-related information with over 99% accuracy and it’s called iCognative. This technology is based on scientifically accepted and proven P300 and P300-MERMER brain responses, which only activates when a suspect sees an information that his/her brain already possesses. As these brain responses are involuntary therefore no human has or can cheat this technology- the biggest advantage for the law enforcement agencies.

A 45-minutes iCognative test when utilized by FBI and other law enforcement agencies on Damon would reveal all the specific crime information and support the law enforcement agencies to investigate the case in the right direction and identify the radical jihadists in the region. Information such as how Joseph was contacted through social media, specific codes used, connections to known or unknown ISIS members, information about handler, specific about the plan, identification of conspirators or sympathizers, any specific social media group, etc., would be easily available once the iCognative test is completed.  All the investigative details related to the crime is uploaded into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyzes the brainwave responses of suspected terrorist when confidential information is flashed on a digital screen and determine what information he/she possesses without using any inhumane methods.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the only possible solution for US National Security agencies to eliminate the violence and find the root of this problem which has consumed million innocent lives.  The goal of iCognative is to maintain world peace and protect the humanity.

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