Russian Man Detained on Suspicion of Planning Terror Attack in France

September 28, 2018 | Brainwave Science



According to the news report published in Sputnik, “An 18-year-old man allegedly originating from Russia’s Chechen Republic was detained in France’s northeastern city of Strasbourg on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, the France Bleu radio station reported.”  This teenager was arrested on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack in Paris, France.  Bleu radio station has reported that the suspect, who was detained and interrogated in Strasbourg on September 18, he admitted to having searched the Internet for information about  Daesh/ISIS/ISIL terrorist group but denied being radicalized.

They have also mentioned that the individual in question is French-Russian and his brother was also in contact with a perpetrator of another terrorism-related case where one person was killed four wounded in the Paris Opera district. But the attacker was killed by police in gunfire in May.


Al-Qaeda, Daesh terrorist group and other organizations have spread their connections all over the world. One of the reasons as pointed by former FBI director James Comey is ISIS uses new forms of communication and encryption, and the government’s current legal and technological capabilities may not be sufficient to keep up. While terrorist networks have proven to be resilient, adaptive, interconnected, and agile. Threat actors have learned to operate flexibly, aggregating and dis-aggregating quickly in response to countermeasures, adapting technology in short cycles, and rapidly evolving tactics, techniques, and procedures. Last time France suffered quite a lot of terror attacks and local authorities are constantly challenged to find an innovative way and distinct approaches to solving such cases.

An efficient approach to intelligence methods that could rapidly counteract hostile threats is imperative.


Not very long ago, detectives responding to a homicide or other serious crime had a clear focus: quickly get to the scene, collect physical evidence, and interview any witnesses. This was the case when crimes and criminals were not as evolved as today. However, technologists have been playing a catch-up with criminals and terrorists so far. Not any one. iCognative by Brainwave Science delivers power back in the hands of law enforcement to apprehend these terrorists before and after the terrorist attack.

iCognative technology detects the presence or absence of specific terrorism/crime related information, using an advanced semantic memory-related brain response, called the P300/P300 MERMER, an established scientific phenomenon occurring in human brain that can be accurately measured and analyzed.

In the case of the apprehended teenager suspected of terrorism, iCognative test can help confirm if the suspect has been actually planning to carry out a terrorist attack in France as suspected by the law enforcement. Using investigation details collected such as: contact attempts made by the suspect; names of specific groups or members contacted; activities carried out by him in conjunction with his dead brother to plan attacks; locations target for attack; trips made to Chechen region, etc., along with other such details in form of words, phrases or pictures are flashed on a monitor for suspect to observe. Brainwave Science has converted this age-old science into a modern cutting-edge, user friendly technology to be utilized by law enforcement agents at any place in just a matter of minutes.

French counterterrorism authorities can utilize iCognative technology to determine if an individual’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation.

Within 45 minutes, iCognative system collects brain responses to each stimulus and all these brain responses are analyzed at end of the test by proprietary algorithms contained in Brainwave Science software and determine with 99.9% accuracy if the information is present or absent in the brain of the suspect.

Given that time is always of essence in terrorism related investigations, iCognative is here to help the French authorities help save lives, provide justice and eliminate this hideous terror group called ISIS throughout the globe.


Main Source: SPUTNIK

Image Source :Newsonia