Six arrested for Financial crime linked to Israeli soccer

January 15, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Six people were arrested and six were detained on Monday in connection with a major money laundering and extortion case linked to Israeli soccer. According to an unconfirmed report, one of the suspects happens to be the owner of an Israeli soccer team.

The suspects are believed to have befooled investors in real estate transactions and other businesses, with money amounting to hundreds of millions of Shekels.

We are looking at a plethora of charges which include aggravated fraud, criminal conspiracy, extortion, income tax crimes, and money laundering. The investigative units which are looking into this include the National Unit for Investigation of Serious and International Crimes and the Tax Authority’s Yahalom investigative arm.

The suspects are believed to have been collaborating in order to carry out the tax fraud and money laundering. They were using legitimate companies in order to hide fraudulent transactions. During the arrest sweep, the homes of the suspects and offices belonging to several businesses were searched. In a separate case related to money laundering and fraud, two arrests were made.


In the recent past, a similar case involving money laundering and match-fixing related tennis had surfaced. Read more here. It is clear that there is big money in the world of sports. Popular sports are misused by many for their popularity. One of the arrested people owns a soccer team, and this is why the spotlight has been shining on sports as a reason behind and also as a way to mask the fraudulent transactions.

Financial Crimes are often downplayed as relatively harmless crimes because no blood is shed directly. However, one must not forget that at some level, financial crimes are linked to human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism, modern slavery and every other heinous crime imaginable. We must look at the complete picture. One must ask where the ‘money’ in ‘money laundering’ comes from. It comes at the cost of misfortune, extortion and torture of some innocent person or animal somewhere.

Simply punishing the immediate persons behind a financial crime is myopic. What is needed is a way to probe deeper and find the other criminals and organizations linked to these immediate criminals.

Traditional interrogation and intelligence gathering mechanisms are not capable to dig deep and unearth such links.


Brainwave Science seems to have the answer to this problem. It has developed and presents a game-changing technology called iCognative. iCognative makes use of the fact that the human brain is an infallible witness to the plotting of a crime. A criminal, no matter what the crime, puts a lot of thought into the planning of his or her crime. In contrast to an innocent person’s brain, the criminal’s brain has an immaculate recollection of all the tools, techniques, names, locations, dates, times, etc related to the crime which he or she planned and committed. Six Arrested

iCognative makes use of the above fact and measures the brain response of the subject to crime-related stimuli. Images, words, and phrases related to the crime are flashed on a computer screen, and the subject who is exposed to these stimuli wears a specialized headset which records and transmits the brain response to the computer. If the suspect recognizes the stimuli displayed on the screen response will occur. The digital signal processor digitalizes these signals and feeds that brainwave data into the application for further analysis.  The data is then analyzed with a proprietary algorithm that computes the result. The result can either be  “Information Present” or “Information Absent.” Six Arrested

iCognative is not just limited to establishing the guilt or innocence of the subject, in fact, it goes much beyond and is helpful in determining the extent of involvement of the person in a crime, finding out the structure of the subject’s criminal organization. Six Arrested

The stimuli in this case of money laundering and financial fraud will come from the related facts and details which the investigative agencies have access to. Records of transactions, phone records, emails, text messages, CCTV recordings, names and details of front companies, names and pictures of investors are all stimuli which can be used when the iCognative test is administered to the 12 persons in custody. Similar stimuli can be used for the two arrested persons in the second money laundering case.

iCognative will be able to detect with over 99% accuracy, if information related to a  specific crime is possessed by a suspect or not.

iCognative is extremely reliable and trustworthy. The system is very easy to learn and operate. Law enforcement personnel love to use iCognative as it is fully automated and customizable to the required function and language. Each suspect needs to undergo a 45-minute long test, where there is no torture or coercion. In fact, there is no need for verbal exchange between the test administrator and the test subject. The language barrier ceases to exist in this case. iCognative is universal in its applications. It is applicable to more than 85% of all civil and criminal cases, as opposed to DNA and conventional fingerprinting which are applicable to 1-2% of all cases.

Israeli Investigative agencies must give iCognative a shot. They will be surprised as to the insights they can get by using this revolutionary piece of technology offered by Brainwave Science.

Main Source: Times of Israel