Young women accused of terrorist funding in London

September 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Young women accused of terrorist funding in London: iCognativeSITUATION

Three suspected women were arrested in London in connection with a counter-terrorism investigation. The arrests were made by the police Counter Terrorism Command. London’s Metropolitan Police said a 16-year-old girl and two women aged 26 and 53 were arrested on suspicion of funding terrorism.

The three suspects were taken into custody at two separate addresses in west London early Tuesday morning. Police searches continued. Officials did not name the suspects, who have not been charged. They are being questioned at a South London police station.  Britain’s official terrorist threat level is set at “severe”, indicating an attack is judged highly likely.


According to a news report in Financial Times, “UK counter-terrorism sources say London is home to hundreds of known Islamist extremists (compared with a Muslim population of more than 1m, or 12.4 per cent in the capital at the time of the last census in 2011). Scores of Londoners have joined to fight under jihadist black banners in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Even before the rise of ISIS, of course, London was a prime target for jihadist violence.”
Not to forget that the UK intelligence agencies – MI5, MI6 and GCHQ — are among the most capable counter-terrorism forces in the world. However, as reported, “Attacks by lone operator terrorists provide the most puzzling and unpredictable form of terrorism,” Edwin Bakker and Beatrice Graaf, terrorism scholars at the University of Leiden, write in Perspectives on Terrorism. “Lone wolf terrorists are a nightmare for the counterterrorism organizations, police and intelligence communities as they are extremely difficult to stop.”  To disrupt a terrorist plot, law enforcement and intelligence agencies need, well, intelligence: an informer with knowledge of the plot, intercepted communications between the plotters, etc., and if only there was one-stop solution to fit the bid.



No doubt that to stay one step ahead of terrorists is a challenge faced by every nation today.  Finally, there is some hope in the newest technology in the investigations arena. iCognative by Brainwave Science is a technological innovative solution that empowers law enforcement to capture terrorists before they attack.

Counterterrorism agents must utilize iCognative technology to determine if an individual’s memory contains specific knowledge of any fact or situation, such as the details of a crime scene, bomb-making knowledge, or the inner workings of a terrorist organization. The value of this unique solution stands in its capacity to find concealed information from the human brain and provide results with over accuracy of 99.9%. The best part is that the technology can be used to apprehend terrorists before they strike.

In cases like the terrorist funding investigation, the Metropolitan Police in London suspects must be subjected to virtually infallible iCognative test. These 3 suspects will be no longer able to hide their evil plots and plans. Investigation details including case facts such as bank accounts used to fund terrorism; special protocols used to transfer funds; accounts to which funds were transferred; account holders names and addresses; terrorist organizations helped with funds; along with testimonies collected from co-conspirators, called Stimuli, is flashed on a monitor that suspect watches. The brain of the suspect is incapable of lying and when specific case-related information is displayed iCognative technology records brain response to each stimulus and analyzes it at the end of 45 minutes test. Only definitive, conclusive results are presented at the end of the test with a push of a button.
iCognative test on these 3 suspects might very well be a turning point in investigation exposing a huge terrorist network. Reverse engineer a terrorist network, identify and apprehend the lone-wolves and masterminds as well as follow the money trail to dismantle this whole terrorist network, all with the power of Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology. With terrorism becoming a kind of trend in the UK, iCognative is an antidote to stop this cancer from spreading. Don’t let this trend become a normal event.


Main Source:  Edmonton SUN

Image: Daily Express/Getty