10 Arrested, 80 charges filed for Drug Trafficking in Ontario

September 9, 2018 | Brainwave Science


According to Ontario’s Police information — Ten people are facing a total of 80 charges after a multi-jurisdictional investigation into drug trafficking. Peel regional police say they worked with 13 other forces on the eight-month-long investigation, which focused on criminal activity in their home region, the Greater Toronto Area and parts of southwestern Ontario.

Police in the Indian State of Punjab claimed in June to have busted an international drug syndicate controlled from Canada. Following that Canada’s Ontario province arrested 10 persons, including six of Punjabi origin.   They say investigators searched eight properties as part of this investigation and recovered drugs, cash, and cargo stolen from tractor trailers. The investigation has led to the seizure of 2.6 kg of opium with a street value of $65,000 and 1.4 kg of heroin valued at $1,40,000, 17 gm of methamphetamine worth $1,700, 1 kg of marijuana valued at $4,500, $4.5-million stolen tractor-trailer cargo and $50,000 in Canadian currency.

“These arrests exemplify the excellent work our officers are doing to take drugs off the street and put criminals behind bars. Criminal operations today are borderless, and the partnerships we have are vital to our success,” Peel Regional Police chief Jennifer Evans was quoted as saying. The Peel Regional Police investigators had partnered with 13 Canadian and US police and other organisations to carry out the investigation, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canada Border Services Agency, US Department of Homeland Security and the US Drug Enforcement Agency.


Drug Trafficking is a very complex trans-national crime. Although for most types of crime, the transnational dimension is still the exception rather than the rule, drug trafficking has had—from the very beginning of the international drug control system early in the 20th century—a critical transnational element.  Transnational organized crimes undermine states’ abilities to provide citizens with basic services, fuel violent conflicts, and subject people to intolerable suffering. The cost of transnational organized crime is estimated to be roughly 3.6 percent of the global economy according to reports.

For many reasons, global transnational crime presents nations with a unique and particularly challenging task. Technologies and methods used by law enforcement fall short of combating crimes that don’t respect boundaries, tools law enforcement institutions have developed over centuries were constructed to maintain order primarily within national boundaries. Moreover, international efforts to address transnational organized crime (TOC) are too weak to address the threat posed.



When traditional tools and methods fail it is time to take a radically novel approach and utilize modern security solution called iCognative by Brainwave Science. High applicability and unparalleled accuracy are the hallmark features of iCognative.

iCognative guarantees a high success rate in generating quality leads at an unprecedented rate, in comparison to time-consuming interrogation techniques or relying on informant tips that may or may not be reliable. In the case of drug trafficking in Ontario and worldwide, the case related investigation details such as: names and places the suspects were arrested; kind of drugs; 2.6 kg of opium; 1.4 kg of heroin;  location of cargo stolen from tractor trailers etc., along with other case facts (called Stimuli) can be utilized along with other confidential investigative  details to conduct a iCognative test.

The solution can accurately reveal if the suspects involved in a trafficking case have other details hidden in their brains, what information suspects are concealing, and whether a suspect has any other incriminating information connected to trafficking and other crimes. By matching testimonies of suspects with readily intelligence available, iCognative offers a flawless solution that law enforcement demands in this day and age of growing interlinked crimes.

iCognative by Brainwave Science can explicitly be used for such complex drug investigations. This modern technology can reveal hidden links and connections, which no one alternative forensic technology can provide, therefore it becomes a prominent weapon in the trans-national war against drug trafficking.


Main Source:  GLOBAL News

Image:  Brampton Guardian