100+ suspects arrested in a human trafficking operation in Polk Country, Florida

December 3, 2018 | Brainwave Science


More than 100 people were arrested during an undercover operation targeting human trafficking in Polk County.

The operation began on November 27 and ended on December 2. Detectives with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said aimed to nab prostitutes who post online advertisements. Also, on the cross hairs were people “johns” who seek female prostitutes online. Fake ads or profiles were posted on websites and other online platforms, either posing as prostitutes or soliciting prostitutes.

Out of 103 suspects who were arrested, 56 arrests were those who advertised as prostitutes and 30 were those who solicited undercover detectives posing as online prostitutes.

Of those remaining, 11 were arrested suspected of receiving proceeds from prostitution, and 6 were arrested on other charges, including drug possession.

Additional information is expected to be released by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd during an afternoon press conference on Monday.


Just like other crimes, the level or duration of a person ’s involvement in crimes related to trafficking can be varied and very difficult to discover and verify.

There is a high chance that they are overestimated or underestimated. It is the endeavor of the Law-enforcement agencies and the Judiciary to sentence the culprit appropriately.

Traditional interrogation and investigation methods, including DNA, fingerprinting and polygraph tests are either not applicable or not foolproof in many cases. There is a possibility that the witnesses lie, or evidence is tampered with.

Prostitution is illegal in the vast majority of the United States as a result of state laws rather than federal laws. It is, however, legal in some rural counties within the state of Nevada. Solicitation of prostitution is typically charged as a misdemeanor offence, though felony charges are possible in some states and in some situations.

Miscarriage of justice or wrongful conviction can ruin lives. The challenge lies in the shortcomings of the tools and techniques used for the investigation of such cases.


There is a technology can which can end uncertainty in investigation and interrogation.

Now investigators can be sure that the information extracted from suspects is extremely accurate. Moreover, this technology eliminates human torture and suffering in the process of .extraction of rich and meaningful information. Unexpected insights and information about the criminal organisation. Moreover, there is no known way to fool the system. It does not report any false positives and no false negatives. The agencies can rest assured that an innocent will never be wrongly convicted.

The tool is called iCognative. It has been developed and is provided by Brainwave Science. By measuring information from processing brain activity, it distinguishes between a perpetrator, a witness and an innocent among those being tested.

iCognative detects the awareness of specific information in the human brain Human trafficking rings have evolved and the king-pins do not directly participate in the crime. Thus the Law Enforcement agencies will be greatly helped with developments in modern forensics and information gathering technologies. iCognative is usually a 45-minute long test administered on a subject using a computer-based system and a specialized wireless headset.

From this test,  it can be ascertained whether or not the person is aware of crime-specific information. The level of a suspect’s involvement in human trafficking can be found out by using iCognative. This technology helps to uncover the rank of the testee in a network, the structure of the group and to discover other members.  

Because of a huge pool of suspects who are in custody, iCognative can be used to help unearth a large amount of information about the prostitution ring. Also, it can lead to other criminals involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, brothels, human trafficking routes, etc.

The Investigative agencies have a great opportunity to use a tool which can not only indicate the level of involvement of each suspect and uncover his/her rank in the criminal organisation, but also to reverse engineer the larger organisation and destroy the network.

The technology is proven to be more than 99% accurate. Brainwave Science‘s iCognative is highly customizable and user-friendly. The system is based on measurement of the brain’s responses depending on absence or presence awareness of presented stimuli or not. The test administrator does not interact with the testee during the course of the test. Unlike conventional lie-detection, the test does not base its judgement on the stress-response of the testee.

Any agency which aims to defeat human trafficking and prostitution must possess this extraordinary tool from Brainwave Science, which is instrumental in the elimination of human suffering and improvement in intelligence gathering operations.

Main Source: Orlando Sentinel

Image Source: TBO