30-40 children sex trafficked during Detroit Auto Show

January 18, 2019 | Brainwave Science


About 30 to 40 children are believed to have been trafficked within the Detroit Area during the North American Auto Show. On Wednesday, the VICE unit was tipped off about a missing girl. After the investigation, it was found out that the missing girl was abducted, and she was sexually assaulted.

The suspect was preparing to move this missing girl and another one to Atlanta and to continue trafficking the there. Human trafficking is just as heinous a crime as human slavery, according to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations(HSI). The victims pay a lot of money to enter the United States for a chance at a better life but find themselves in the trap of traffickers. Often, they are told they owe a debt for being helped to enter the United States. They are promised into prostitution, forced labor and other forms of slavery.

In many cases, the victims are children who find themselves in an unfamiliar culture and among hostile traffickers. Human Trafficking cases are one of the more difficult ones to pursue, according to an HSI special agent. Often the victims and their families are intimidated by the traffickers with the threat of violence and other types of abusive coercion.

The HSI has laid out key indicators which can help to identify victims and help save them.


The biggest challenge in the prevention and solving of these crimes is that the public is not informed enough to notice if such crimes are taking place. They must be able to spot the changed behavior on the people close to them or unusual signs on those they just met. The HIS’s list of key indicators is quite a useful one to get one started. An educated public can help law enforcement rescue individuals in these situations and ensure those committing these acts are punished accordingly.

Traffickers make use of large events when a lot of tourists enter and leave the city, to abduct and trafficked humans including children. It is known by the FBI that during the time of the Detroit Auto Show, there is a 280-300 percent increase in the number of sex workers in the area. Moreover, around 10 percent of them are under the age of 18.

Child Prostitution is common in the United States. In February of 2017, a news piece talked about the arrest of 22 people and rescue of 2 children during the then Auto Show. Only a few days ago, 7 persons were arrested for trafficking and treating a 15-year-old boy as a sex slave in Florida. Read the Scenario Analysis of this case here.  Another story from Georgia surfaced in August. Worldwide, up to 10 million children are involved in prostitution. Of those, 100,000 are in the United States of America alone.  They are kidnapped and or tricked into becoming involved in the sex trade or survival sex, in which the child engages in sexual activities to procure basic essentials such as food and shelter.  Children are easy to victimize and often have no say in this. Also, the clients pay big bucks in order to obtain child prostitutes. The United Nations has declared the prostitution of children to be illegal under international law. The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW) factbook says Argentina is one of the favored destinations of pedophile sex tourists from Europe and the United States. Argentina’s Criminal Code criminalizes the prostitution of minors of eighteen years of age or younger, but it only sanctions those who “promote or facilitate” prostitution, not the client who exploits the minor.


Human Trafficking is a crime in which facilitator and the client must be interrogated and investigated. Although a criminal almost always leaves some sort of clue behind, discovering it can be a cost- intensive, time-consuming and labor-consuming task. The case under investigation may hit many roadblocks due to delays on the parts of the judiciary, legislature or the executive branches of the government.

What if there existed a technology which could help investigators tap into the mind of a suspect or a witness. It would speed up the process of interrogation. Boston based, Brainwave Science has developed and introduced such a technology. The name of this pioneering and cost-effective technology is iCognative. It is slated to revolutionize the field of intelligence gathering by being relevant to a wide range of applications such as law enforcement,  national security, border security, immigration, trafficking, and counterterrorism. It is required that investigation in a case be carried out for iCognative to be able to help. 30-40 children

It far surpasses the usefulness of DNA and fingerprinting. It has been noted that DNA and fingerprinting are applicable to only about 1-2% of all cases. On the other hand, iCognative can be used in around 85-90% of all criminal and civil cases. 30-40 children

The mind of the child traffickers and the clients contain awareness of their respective crimes, and identities of the victims. iCognative can reliably reveal if a test subject’s brain contains any recollection of the specific details of a crime. The accuracy of iCognative is more than 99 percent. When crime-related data is shown to the testee in a set format, the response of the brain to this input (stimuli) is captured and evaluated by the iCognative system. After a test, which usually lasts for a 45-minute test, the system delivers confirmed results in only two possible outputs, whether ‘information is present’ or ‘information is absent’. There is no known way to beat the system, unlike the Polygraph(Lie-detector) test which people have learned how to fool. The test administrator can rest assured that the system does not result in false positives or false negatives. 30-40 children

In the case of child trafficking in Detroit during the Auto Show, the Police can make use of various kinds of stimuli while testing the arrested suspects and clients, when they catch hold of them. The same test can be run on the persons arrested during the Auto Show of 2017. Pictures, words and phrases related to the places where the children were kidnapped, housed, loaned to the clients, call and email records of exchanges between clients and traffickers, use of websites on the internet and dark-web to advertise and solicit child prostitutes, details of child pornography can be used as possible stimuli to conduct a iCognative test. 30-40 children

Not only is the iCognative test extremely customizable in terms of functionality, but also it can be made to operate in different languages of the world. The cost of setting up, ownership, operation, and training are also very less in comparison to having a forensic lab. The results from iCognative are immediate and help the investigators make timely decisions so that justice can be served in time and children can be saved from spending another day as slaves. 30-40 children

Investigative agencies across the world have tried and tested the iCognative technology from Brainwave Science and have appreciated the accuracy and the non-invasive nature of the technology.

The FBI and Detroit Police must use the iCognative technology to investigate this case and help put the child traffickers and clients behind bars as soon as possible, for the sake of the victims, their families, and all citizens.

Main source : WXYZ