Belgium: Professional Diver suspected of smuggling cocaine arrested in Antwerp.

April 5, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Belgium: Professional Diver suspected of smuggling cocaine arrested in Antwerp: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

Brussels Police arrested a professional diver, Nabil K, suspected of aiding a drug syndicate with a smuggling operation. Investigators found Nabil in soaked clothes near quay that’s infamous for drug trade after an anonymous tip.

According to Ken Witpas from Public Prosecutor’s Office, it is a known fact that syndicates and drug trafficking rings that smuggle cocaine and other drugs sometime hire professional divers as these experts are needed for so-called drop-offs, when packages of cocaine are thrown off a ship into the water. Public Prosecutor’s Office acknowledged that they have records of previous cases where divers must disconnect ‘torpedos’ full of cocaine that are attached to ships below the waterline.

Het Nieuwsblad newspaper reported that the professional driver told police someone wrongly accused him and had no link with any drug syndicate. He explained that he was wet because he drank too much alcohol after participating in a gay sex party. A used condom in his pocket had to serve as evidence that he did had a wild night of partying, not cocaine-diving.

Brussels Police discovered a complete set of diving equipment on the embankment, together with a wheelbarrow. Originally Nabil denied the equipment was his, but later confessed. He changed his story few times which raised suspicion. According to Witpas, “First he said he was going to pick oysters with a friend. Later he said he was looking for a safe that was supposedly dumped in the river, for that same friend. However, investigators haven’t identified any other suspects or traces of drugs yet.

Nabil’s Lawyer said there is no substantial evidence that his client committed a crime. He further said his client made some contradictory statements therefore he might be a suspect, but not necessarily a perpetrator.


Belgium- Europe’s largest container port for bananas has also become the continent’s gateway for another tropical product: cocaine.

The European Union drugs agency estimated that almost half of Europe’s cocaine supply come through Belgium- Antwerp Port. Antwerp Mayor said the scale of cocaine smuggling at the port of Antwerp- through which half of Europe’s supply of the drug reportedly passes- is so vast that corruption of local politics is inevitable.

“The port is as leaky as a colander…The cash that we handle in the cocaine trade is enormous.”

The massive amount of the money involved in drug trafficking is a major threat to Belgium and European countries. According to European Union’s drug monitoring agency, there is a growing link between drug trafficking and other crimes including terrorism in Europe. It is true that terrorist organizations are using involvement in the drug trade to fund their hideous activities. Question is whether terror attacks like Brussels Airport bomb blasts were finance through drug smuggling from Antwerp port?

Rob Wainwright, the director of Europol, said, “Illegal drug production and trafficking remains one of the largest and most innovative criminal markets in Europe.”

According to Belgium law enforcement agencies reports, 80% of the cocaine lands at the Antwerp port goes directly to the Netherlands where it is cut before being distributed locally and internationally. It is very clear that Belgium government has been vigorously pursuing drug traffickers especially in Antwerp harbor, but no major success has been achieved. Reason? Belgium custom and law enforcement agencies have opted for existing conventional intelligence-gathering, specific screening and investigative tools to fight this complex war. All these conventional tools are outdated and do not accurately determine trafficker from innocent or reveal what crime-related information they store. The failure to implement efficient screening processes, intelligence collection, and intelligence sharing on drug traffickers and illegit containers can result in increased smuggling, corruption and more drastic terrorist attacks around Europe.

The important question for readers is whether the Belgium law enforcement should wait for another drug smuggling or reveal what information Nabil’s brain possess and/or trying to conceal from investigation and use that specific information to crack this case open and identify the root of this problem. So, which revolutionary investigative tool would aid Belgium government and law enforcement agencies to modernize their weaponry and eliminate drug trafficking from Antwerp port?


Belgium tried other tactics to fight the drug smuggling through Antwerp port but could achieve desired results. The Container Control Program, also known as CCP, which was implemented by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime (UNODC) to identify the high-risk containers and facilitate legal trade.

Currently, Belgium have the perfect window to strike a deadly blow against drug trafficking and reveal the truth behind Nabil’s testimonies. It is a perfect time for Belgium law enforcement personnel to elevate the existing technologies that serve less and make room for an advanced neuroscience-based technology capable enough to reveal the truth behind Nabil’s testimonies, provide substantial evidence against Nabil and foremost provide accurate intelligence and lead to eliminate drug trafficking at Antwerp Port. A highly advanced security solution that can directly match crime-related information directly from the brain of an individual is iCognative, developed and designed by Brainwave Science. Developed in close conjunction and at the guidance of experts in the field of counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, customs, national security experts from the US, iCognative is the only technology in the security market that understand the challenge encountered by customs and law enforcement agencies and addresses those challenges head-on.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is a truly disruptive technology which could identify the perpetrator from innocent and further reveal what specific crime-related information he/she possesses with nearly perfect accuracy within an hour. All the accurate information gained by iCognative from the suspect’s brain is necessary for law enforcement personnel to identity the truth, mastermind of drug rings, and officials protecting such trafficking. What is the science behind this? Simple, this fully automated technology accomplishes these results and accuracy by matching crime-related information through specific brain response called P300 using a proprietary headset. Possibility of Error in iCognative results? Not possible as reactions from the human brain cannot be consciously controlled, thus by default, false positives and false negatives are eliminated.

Belgium custom and law enforcement agencies including Antwerp Police must utilize iCognative technology in such crucial cases where gaining accurate intelligence and substantial evidence is mandatory to prosecute the culprit and crack this case open. In this case, all the necessary crime-related information could be accessible and verified with almost perfect accuracy once 45-minutes to an hour iCognative test is conducted by law enforcement agencies on detained professional diver. Information such as: any link to drug trafficking ring, was he ever involved in aiding a drug syndicate with a smuggling operation, information about drug smuggling methods, financial details, information about his last night location, owner of seized diving equipment, any accomplice involved, etc., would be easily available to Belgium law enforcement personnel to investigate this case in the right direction within a record-breaking time and further that information could be reverse-engineer and used to identify the drug traffickers and their masterminds, corrupt government bureaucrats and law enforcement personnel. iCognative is so powerful that it can provide many solutions such as eliminating drug trafficking, terrorism and corruption with one single blow.

Details related to a case at hand are uploaded by a case officer or an investigative team member into the iCognative system protocol. The system records and analyses the brain responses when case related, and confidential information is flashed to Nabil on a digital screen in the form of pictures, phrases or words and determine with over 99% accuracy what information he is concealing incriminating information that he denies knowing. The best part of iCognative is, its goal isn’t to prove guilt but also to prove innocence.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the best and most logical weaponry for Belgium law enforcement agencies to identify the truth behind a crime and eliminate drug trafficking and terrorism without much sweat. iCognative is the last hope for Antwerp- Europe’s largest drug smuggling port.

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