A Latvian Catholic priest charged, raped a human trafficking victim ahead of Pope’s visit.

September 6, 2018 | Brainwave Science

A Latvian Catholic priest charged, raped a human trafficking victim ahead of Pope’s visit: iCognativeSITUATION

A Latvian Catholic priest has been arrested on allegations he raped a mentally handicapped victim of human trafficking, police in the capital Riga said Wednesday ahead of the papal visit. A second man was also arrested on suspicion of trafficking in the case, which shocked the Baltic State as it prepares to welcome Pope Francis later this month.

According to Chief of a police task force on human trafficking and pimping, Armands Lubarts, one of the suspects was paid by the church representative, who was the end buyer, for the defenceless victim who then committed violent sexual crimes against the victim.

The priest, identified as Pavels Zeila, 73, served in the Aglona-Rezekne diocese in eastern Latvia, which is to host Pope Francis during a four-day tour of the three Baltic states later this month.

Zeila’s lawyer firmly denied the claims and the Catholic diocese of Rezekne believe Zeila must be presumed innocent until proven guilty. If Zeila is guilty, he faces up to 20 years for sex abuse, while the other suspect could be sentenced to 12 years if convicted.  Pope Francis had been under increasing pressure to address a rapidly escalating sexual abuse crisis that has spread across several continents from Australia to Latin America.


Human Trafficking and sexual assault are both traumatic crimes, premised upon power, control, abuse, and exploitation of another human being. Both of these evil practices are the global plague on humanity. It is evident that neither human trafficking nor sexual assault involves a lone perpetrator or victim and arresting all the perpetrators is mandatory.

Bishops and other leaders of the Catholic Church around the map have indulged in ill practices of sexual abuse and human trafficking. According to a report released by a grand jury of Pennsylvania, which covered six of the state’s Catholic dioceses, found over 1,000 identifiable victims of sexual abuse by Catholic personnel. For over 50 years, more than 3000 priests participated in such practices and still haven’t been prosecuted. There are likely thousands of more victims whose records are misplaced or who were too afraid to come forward. The sexual abuse scandal has weakened the Catholic Church and the entire world for past 15 years. Billion-dollar settlements or adding new prevention programs wouldn’t put a stop to such hideous activities. Sex abuse scandal in the church has reached an advanced stage, and it’s important that law enforcement doesn’t turn a blind eye. As victims won’t come forward, therefore, law enforcement needs to embrace the flawless and most scientific iCognative technology to discover accurate and reliable intelligence to swiftly investigate this incident and prosecute the perpetrator/s irrespective of his/her profession or age.


Priests were raping boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all for decades. It is only imperative that Latvia State Police and law enforcement around the globe investigate such a threat through accurate and reliable intelligence obtain concealed information to crack these cases open. Only available forensic technology in the security market that can transform the landscape for investigations in sexual assault and human trafficking, regardless of how many decades have past, is iCognative, offered only by Brainwave Science.

The technology is so compelling and impeccably accurate that it can determine what the perpetrator/s knows and can further identify significant information such as Pavels Zeila’s degree of involvement, existing Human Trafficking ring in Latvia, financial details, other priests engaged in Church sex scandals, and other important information with over 99% accuracy. iCognative can recognize the confidential specific crime-related information hidden in the brain of Pavels Zeila or any person of interest in this case and provide detailed intelligence and leads to investigate whether the perpetrator/s committed a specific crime or not. The perpetrator cannot hide their crime when their brainwaves are prepared to confess.

Utilization of iCognative by Law Enforcement agencies can strengthen their investigation capabilities and deliver guaranteed positive results. So far 100% of determinations made by this technology have been strikingly accurate and there are zero false positives and false negatives. A 45-minute iCognative test scientifically and accurately differentiates the perpetrator from innocents and further provide specific and reliable information, links to investigators to investigate in the appropriate direction. The test analyses brainwave response to each information (Stimulus) flashed on a digital screen and determines with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present or absent in the brain.

The flexibility of operation and ample scope of application make this cost-effective iCognative solution imperative for any situation in question. It is the moral responsibility of law enforcement personnel to take advantage of this guaranteed weapon, Brainwave Science’s iCognative, in the war against Human Trafficking and sexual assault where thousands of victims are yet to see the light of justice.

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