Interpol Breaks Up Human Trafficking Ring in Sudan

September 11, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Interpol Breaks Up Human Trafficking Ring in Sudan_brainwave science SITUATION

Police in Sudan has rescued 94 victims, 85 of them minors from criminal human trafficking networks operating in Sudan, Interpol has said.  Interpol in collaboration with Sudanese authorities broke up several human trafficking rings operating in Sudan in an Operation called Sawiyan that was conducted on August 26- 30. Twelve women and two men were arrested in the raid and $20,000 was seized.  The victims were found at several locations, including Khartoum’s international airport and open-air gold mines. According to Interpol report, some of the victims were as young as 10 years and were found working in illegally operated gold mines under an extreme condition where children were forced to handle dangerous chemicals such as mercury and cyanide. Rescued victims were from Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Niger, Sudan and South Sudan.

“The diversity of nationalities amongst those rescued shows how human trafficking and people smuggling is a truly transnational problem which requires a coordinated international response in which police and stakeholders share information and best practices,” said Tim Morris, Interpol’s Executive Director of Police Services. Interpol has launched an investigation into the human trafficking cases in Sudan.


Sudan is considered as a country of origin and transit for the illegal migration and human trafficking. Human trafficking has always been a headache to many countries especially in Africa. Thousands of people from different nations are forced into child labor, sex trafficking and child soldiering in Sudan. These victims are trafficked domestically as well as to Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The U.S State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons placed the country in a “Tier 3”.

In most cases if not all, law enforcement officers learn and identify human trafficking victims is during a surprise raid or investigation. As human trafficking has reached a new altitude and victims won’t come forward or raise alarm due to threats of violence from traffickers or fear of repercussion as imprisonment or deportation.


The Sudan government had made limited efforts to prevent future incidences of trafficking during recent years. Unfortunately, human trafficking is nothing new in Sudan, it is on the rise since 80s. During these years, only available leads in through unreliable tips from informants or arrested human traffickers. It is imperative that Sudan law enforcement and Interpol embrace a more reliable source of intelligence to obtain accurate human trafficking information- Human Brain.

iCognative offered only by Brainwave Science is a modern, foolproof, non-invasive and easy-to-use technology that can accurately determine what the human trafficker/s knows by recording and analyzing brainwave responses to specific information with over 99% accuracy. Information such as his/her involvements, existing human trafficking rings in Sudan, identification of other human traffickers, financial details, location of victims, seller and handler of these victims and other vital information that could only be obtained through this technology. iCognative is the only existing forensic technology that guarantees a high success rate in generating quality leads at an unprecedented rate as compared to inhumane interrogation techniques. A 45-minutes iCognative test scientifically and accurately differentiates the human traffickers from innocents and further provide specific and reliable information, links that grant investigators with an accurate information at a crucial time.

With the advancement made in the criminal world, iCognative was invented to protect the interests of a nation through the power of brainwaves. This technology reveals 100% accurate hidden links and connections, which no other security tool provides, that would identify new suspects, dismantle the whole trafficking networks in Sudan and around the globe. Criminals who participate in modern day human slavery must meet their destiny with the power of iCognative.

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