Costa Del Sol bomb blasts: drug wars going out of control

October 12, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Two bomb explosions rocked the Marbella estate popular with tourists, especially British tourists in Spain.  According to media reports the two explosions occurred at almost the same time in the early morning hours. The first blast happened outside a residential property on a gated estate in Benahavis which is popular with British expats and holidaymakers. The second occurred outside a car wash firm on an industrial estate in nearby San Pedro de Alcantara owned by the man whose home was targeted.   Detectives believe both incidents are connected to a drug war is spiraling out of control. It is suspected to have connections with ‘score settling’ between rival gangs and follow on from a kidnapping and murder in Estepona just a few days ago. No-one was injured in the blasts, although several cars were destroyed. Police are linking the two incidents, which follow the discovery earlier this month of another home-made bomb on a residential area called Alto de los Monteros east of the upmarket resort of Marbella. It is not yet clear if the new incidents are connected with the earlier find or two recent gangland crimes involving British nationals. “Police saw the door to the warehouse and the structure of the building had been affected when they arrived and cars outside the building, as well as neighbouring warehouses, had also been damaged. “The possibility of a gangland-style attack has not been ruled out.  “The possible links between this explosion and another at almost the same time, near a house belonging to the owner of the warehouse that was targeted, are being investigated.”

A BMW believed to be connected to both these explosions was later found burnt out in a residential area of Marbella called Nagueles. It has now been taken to a police pound for forensic analysis.


It’s truly not hard to see the similarities between the kind of drug trafficking in the case here in Costa Del Sol, Spain  and the concept of domestic terrorism. Millions of people suffer from the actions of major drug traffickers, governments groan under the financial burden and are called on to shift their laws, priorities and actions. Our society as a whole suffers savage emotional and spiritual duress. These kind of violent crimes, shootings, bomb blasts and murder that are work of gangs are cases categorized as domestic terrorism cases in the US.

It is known since 2016 that Costa del criminals, including gun-toting crooks are using the holiday spot to bring narcotics to Europe from Africa. As recently as August 2018, British ‘drug lord’ was among 11 arrested as Spanish police raid luxury Marbella home and seize seven tons of cannabis worth £15million. The problem of drug wars, gang violence and domestic terrorism is rampant in Costa del Sol.


Cases like these which involve violent crimes, murder, drug trafficking, gang violence and domestic terrorism challenge law enforcement agencies to the very core. It is in such complex, multipronged cases that iCognative technology provided by Brainwave Science becomes an essential tool to combat crime and violence in Spain’s Costa del Sol. The use of this technology extends in investigative actions initiated by Law Enforcement, Border Security, Counterterrorism and Counterintelligence disciplines. Furthermore, it outranks classical investigative methods such as the polygraph/Lie detector or DNA test because of their application and accuracy issues as well as limited availability respectively. iCognative technology is applicable in 85% of all criminal as well as civil investigations and can generate much needed savings in time and money for law enforcement agencies. When utilized this disruptive technology developed and delivered by Brainwave Science has the power to bring about a paradigm shift in the way investigations are carried out so far in Costa del Sol region since last two years.

In the case of Marabella bombs blast in Costa del Sol, law enforcement agencies can deploy iCognative to gain valuable intelligence related to drug wars and gangs involved in the bomb blasts.  Important case related investigation details collected so far including details such as: date and time of the bomb blasts; locations at which bomb blasts occurred; types of bombs used; picture of BMW car spotted on CCTV camera; specific targets at Marbella community resort identified by police, etc., along with testimonies from witnesses all of these details (called Stimuli) can be utilized to conduct iCognative test. Details may include information related to case that is not released by cops in public domain as well. iCognative brings to the table an automated system that is not prone to human error, as it needs minimal human intervention. The algorithms that rely on the response of the human brain to different stimuli represent the key behind it.

iCognative system as words or phrases or pictures, depending on their available form. Brain responses will be collected for all these stimuli while presenting to each suspect in a random fashion. After the test, the system analyses the brain’s response to each stimulus. It relies on detecting a distinct change in electrical activity when a human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli. If the information is present or absent in the brain, the system will determine this with over 99% accuracy.

With the help of this innovative iCognative technology, Spain’s law enforcement has a real chance of solving the problem of violent crimes, drug wars and domestic terrorism.



Main Source: DailyStar

Image Source: TheSUN