Bulgaria seizes 1500 kg cannabis at Serbian border

April 8, 2019 | Brainwave Science

Bulgaria seizes 1500 kg cannabis at Serbian borderSITUATION

Around 1500 kilograms of cannabis was seized by the Bulgarian border police. It was discovered hidden inside a truck at a checkpoint on the Serbian border. The border officials discovered the cannabis concealed among linoleum during a routine check at the Kalotina checkpoint around midnight, as told by customs agency chief Georgi Kostov to the media persons reporting this case. Authorities are in search of the Serbian driver, who fled into wooded areas near the town of Slivnitsa.

His identity has been established and a European search warrant is underway, according to Kostov. This load of cannabis, one of the biggest ever to be seized in Bulgaria was destined for Turkey. The driver had exchanged registration numbers and documents with an ally behind the wheel of another, empty truck to mislead customs officers. The accomplice, who owns the vehicles, has been detained. Bulgaria has been a major point for the smuggling of goods between Asia and Western Europe.


Bulgaria is part of the global supply chain of drugs, some more dangerous than Marijuana(Cannabis). Heroin, which is smuggled from Bulgaria to Turkey, ends up in the United States. Experts believe that about two-thirds of the heroin that enters Europe comes through Bulgaria, and that a third of that moves on to the United States.

According to a report by the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime titled, ‘Drug Money: the illicit proceeds of opiates trafficked on the Balkan route’, the total value of illicit heroin and opium trafficked from Afghanistan to Western Europe through the Balkans amounts to some $28 billion every year.

Drug trafficking is not just a global threat, but it is used to finance international crime and terrorist activities. There are countless number of illegal drug syndicates which are not just operating within national boundaries but also internationally. Rise in drug trafficking translates to rise in health risks, rise in levels of violent crime such as homicides, terrorist attacks and many more. According to Interpol, Turkey is a major transportation route for a variety of drugs destined for European Markets. It is key point for the Balkan drug trafficking Route. Therefore, there is expected to be a constant increase in drug trafficking in future.

The main challenge for the Narcotics Crimes Control Bureau is to collect valuable intelligence that can help them identify and arrest the leaders of these drug trafficking networks in Turkey. Intelligence of the best quality is a make-or-break in conducting and concluding the investigation. At the same time,  existing methods such as surveillance, DNA, fingerprinting, polygraph tests and using spies end up being time-consuming and costly.

Drug trafficking groups are constantly in search of new methods and enhance technologies. In order to respond to such challenges, agencies need a revolutionary innovative security solution, one to aid narcotics authorities in their effort to minimize and stop the threats of drug trafficking.

To defeat the drug mafia in European cities and beyond, law enforcement agencies must possess a method to quickly and reliably interrogate suspects. The information known to the suspects can help the investigators to not only ascertain their guilt but also to find out which smuggling group they are a part of.

Conventional interrogation methods are inaccurate and inefficient in eliciting the needed information. Despite severe punishment, smuggling organizations flourish. The agencies require a way to efficiently screen a suspect and find out if he or she has anything to do with the smuggling of drugs.


iCognative by Brainwave Science the technology which can address the complex security problems faced all over Europe today. iCognative can help authorities to combat multiple kinds of crime. This technology does not only help anti-trafficking agencies, but it also helps counter-terrorism agencies, national security agencies, immigration and border security agencies. iCognative is a proprietary software which matches crime-related information with the information stored in the memory bank of a suspect. iCognative has an accuracy of beyond 99%. By accurately detecting what is known or unknown to a suspect, iCognative can increase the pace of the investigation. A 45-minute test with iCognative is all that is needed to reliably understand the information possessed by a suspect. There is no torture involved in an iCognative test.

In this Bulgarian drug trafficking case, the iCognative test can be performed on the suspect upon his or her arrest. It can be assumed that the suspect is aware of a great amount of information with respect to modus operandi of smuggling of the cannabis. Infact he or she can lead to the smuggling organisation and lead to arrests of the kingpins in this international syndicate. Evidence such as the dates and places of smuggling, names of smugglers, pictures of vehicles used, pictures of the storage facilities are evidence which only the persons involved will be aware of. If this test is run on the suspects then it can indicate if they are likely to be involved or not. Also, the level of their involvement can be understood using this test. iCognative can reliably uncover the connections between the suspects and criminal networks. For Europe, where drug-trafficking is a profound problem, iCognative can offer authorities a toolkit to conduct effective investigations, torture-free interrogations and

iCognative is an innovative security solution which can aid authorities to tackle trafficking and most criminal activities. The system attempts to match crime-related information from the crime scene or available incriminating evidence with the information stored in the memory bank of a suspect.

What differentiates iCognative from conventional investigative tools is that its results are reliable and accurate. iCognative can quickly screen suspects if crime-related evidence is present. Moreover, no false positives or false negatives are reported. Also, there are no known countermeasures.

iCognative is an effective way to interrogate suspects without causing them any trauma. Bulgarian anti-trafficking agencies must take the baton and use iCognative to unearth as much information as they can from the case so that when the suspect is arrested, they can quickly convict him or exonerate him. They must also make use of the database technology of iCognative to share and use the information available in similar cases to investigate better.

Article News Source: Reuters

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