Bulgarian Detained in Belgium over Suspicions of Migrant Trafficking to UK

January 8, 2019 | Brainwave Science


A Bulgarian citizen named Aldin N. aged 41 was handed over to Belgian authorities. He was suspected of leading a criminal group which carries out illegal trafficking of migrants to the UK. According to the investigation, he managed car repair shops in Belgium, where concealments were assembled and placed into vehicles. The consignments were designed to take around nine migrants, who started their journeys from Afghanistan or Pakistan and crossed Turkey and Bulgaria to reach Western Europe and transfer to the British coast. bulgarian detained

The investigation began in 2016 at the British port of Dover, where customs officers suspected a lorry with Bulgarian registration. The customs officers requested additional inspection because the external volume of the vehicle did not correspond to the internal cargo cavity. Five people were found in concealment, including three underage children. European customs officers identified 55 similar cases, by October 2017. Teams in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and Bulgaria were involved in the investigation. The Belgian prosecutor’s office has charged seven people, and the court case against them begins this week in Ghent. bulgarianbulgarian detained

The concealments were airtight and threatened the security and life of migrants. One of the concealments was 74 x 63 x 35 cm. Another one forced the migrant to fit in the engine compartment where the spare tire is kept. The agencies had records of recorded telephone calls which proved that traffickers knew that it was extremely difficult to travel in such conditions. The migrants paid 10,000 euros each for transportation from the Bulgarian-Turkish border to Great Britain. bulgarian Bulgarian detained


Migrants who end up at the UK border seek asylum, fleeing poverty and violence. They use illegal means due to many reasons like inability to pay, getting trapped by touts and middle-men, lack of access to right information and guidance, previous criminal records to cross the border. Corruption aids to their transit through the countries. A coordinated effort between the anti-trafficking agencies of all the countries en route is needed to stop this torturous and illegal trafficking of human beings. It is very difficult to estimate how many people live in the UK without authorization, a study based on 2001 Census data said that the ballpark could be between 310,000 and 570,000.

The presence of such a huge population puts big pressure on the exchequer and the taxpayer. bulgarian Bulgarian detained

It is therefore in the best interest of the governments to avoid illegal immigration and to also eliminate the torture of the migrants. This is extremely difficult to do as the traffickers have a widespread network and operate across national boundaries. bulgarian detained


Anti-trafficking agencies are responsible for the job of dealing with the upsurge of illegal cross-border migration. Corruption makes this job even tougher as it creates loopholes in the system. Border Security agencies are always on their toes to find out the smallest irregularities in any of the vehicles, consignments, and people who are crossing borders.

By using the highly accurate and reliable iCognative technology, developed by Brainwave Science, it is possible to catch criminal networks which deal with illegal trafficking of migrants.

A straightforward 45-minute iCognative test on the Aldin can help to determine if he is aware of any knowledge and plans of aiding cross-border smuggling and trafficking. iCognative technology makes the whole exercise efficient and effective. Human suffering and torture during the investigation are eliminated. No questions are asked during the test. The test is unaffected by the subjective opinions of the administrator of the test.

In the above trafficking case, iCognative can be used to uncover the knowledge which Aldin has about his modus operandi and his aides. The same test can be run on the other 7 charged people. This can lead the investigators to the other persons involved in illegal border crossing.

A regular investigation may involve torture during interrogation. But, iCognative is a non-invasive and based on a scientifically proven technique that is over 2 decades old. It can accurately distinguish between perpetrators, witnesses, and innocents. Crime-related details, such as routes taken, photos of partners in crime, photos of vehicles used, dates of trafficking, are gathered and uploaded into the proprietary software. These details can only be known to the traffickers and the witnesses. The iCognative system presents these on a monitor in the form of words, phrases or pictures (called Stimuli). The technology will find out with more than 99% accuracy if the subject has awareness of what is shown to him or her on the computer screen. The use of this technology can help root out corruption in the system.

iCognative is applicable to more than 85% of all civil as well as criminal cases. There are no false positives or false negatives. There are no known countermeasures. The brain cannot lie, and this is the principle on which iCognative  Brainwave Science by works.

iCognative can be used as an effective tool to strengthen the border by a specific screening of suspects and detainees.

The results provided by iCognative technology in cases of human and drug trafficking can most often provide new leads and steps closer towards uncovering and stopping new or actual criminal networks and acts.

Main Source: Novinite