Can North Alabama take charge against Human Trafficking?

July 26, 2018 | Brainwave Science

North Alabama can get rid of Human Traffickers with iCognative


The North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force claimed about rising of the problem of human trafficking in the region. According to the official statistic, 68 cases have already been reported this year in Alabama. Also, that number increases in states right next door. For example, 110 cases have already been reported in Tennessee and 276 cases in Georgia this year.

Bo Williams, public relations director of The North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force, said that ‘human trafficking is modern-day slavery’. Also, he added that human trafficking has taken many forms in Alabama, for example ‘Parents selling sexual access to their children for drug money.’ The North Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force tries to bring awareness to this issue and educate the community. They warn citizens about the difficult situation in the region and train people who work in schools and in the medical industry how to be aware of the signs of human trafficking.



Human trafficking is a pandemic of the 21st century. A multi-billion-dollar criminal industry denies freedom to millions of people all over the world.  And Alabama isn’t an exception in this difficult situation. The region has faced with rising of human trafficking in last years and it has become an incredible challenge for law enforcement agencies.

The current situation shows that law enforcement agents should improve their methods in the war against human trafficking. And modern technologies can help them in this fight. But it is very important to find that technology that can be effective and powerful for such complicated tasks.



In the modern world, technologies have become an integral part of every aspect of our life, including providing National Security. Developed by Brainwave Science to support investigative agencies all over the world, iCognative system can distinguish between innocents and perpetrators. The advanced system behind it makes it virtually impossible to avoid detection and prosecution for human trafficking, measuring patterns of a specific brain response called P300/P300 MERMER.

In the case of rising human trafficking in Alabama, iCognative can help to find traffickers and provide safety and peace in the region. iCognative test can be conducted on all suspects in every separate case. In order to do that, a test case needs to be built. This means that a series of stimuli will be input into the iCognative system, only known to the investigator and criminal. For example, in the cases of human trafficking, we can use the date and time of every separate crime, pictures of the crime scenes, photos of victims, names and pictures of partners in crime etc. This information will be flashed on a computer screen to suspects while the system collecting brain responses to each of those stimuli. As a result of measuring brainwaves, iCognative will determine with 99.9% accuracy the fact of the presence of knowledge about criminal actions in the suspect’s brain.

iCognative was invented to protect the interests of a nation through the power of brainwaves. The use of the technology guarantees to law enforcement agencies that they have the added insurance and the assurance for safety of their country. iCognative by Brainwave Science can become a great instrument in the war against human trafficking and save money, time and efforts of officials.

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