Child rape leads to a possible Human Trafficking group dismantle in India

April 24, 2018 | Brainwave Science

iCognative by Brainwave Science : Child rape leads to a possible Human Trafficking group dismantle in India.


Harshavay Gujjar was arrested on April 20 for the rape and murder of a minor girl and her mother in Pandesara, India. The alleged mother was found dead a few days earlier and the suspect has confessed already the murder of both. The DNA from the victims is going to be confirmed this week because there was nothing that could identify them until now (documents, belongings or even family). Surat Police Commissioner Satish Sharma said the accused was the one who told the Police that the woman, was the minor’s mother.

“The man who handed over both the mother and daughter to Harshahay Gujjar demanded Rs.35,000 for them. We are investigating a possible human trafficking angle and sections related to it have been added in the case,” the Commissioner stated. “The woman was brought to Surat after Diwali last year. She was killed as she wanted to stay with the accused, but the latter opposed it as he was already married,” the Commissioner commented. It was also mentioned that at least six to seven more people were involved in the crime and that 2 police teams are following leads in Rajasthan and another is questioning suspects in Surat itself.

The body of the child, covered in 87 wounds, including severe ones in her private parts inflicted by a stick-like object, was found in the bushes on Jiav-Budja Road in Bhestan area under the Pandesara police jurisdiction on April 6. A postmortem examination concluded that she had been held captive, gang-raped and violated with wooden objects. The report presented that the child death occurred due to strangulation and smothering.

The suspect was arrested on the 20th of April, after the police narrowed down to him, a black car, which was under investigation because it was allegedly used to dump the victims’ bodies. The car came to the notice of the police while investigators were analyzing CCTV images of Pandesara area.

While questioning three suspects, Police is already looking for two more men — Mukesh Gujjar and Kuldeep Gujjar — who allegedly know the real identity of the deceased girl and woman.

During the interrogation, Harshavay Gujjar told the police that the woman and her daughter were staying at a separate house on rent, and their financial needs were taken care by Kuldeep Gujjar. Kuldeep’s wife learned about her husband’s alleged “illicit” “relationship” and demanded the end of it, according to police sources. Kuldeep Gujjar allegedly told Mukesh Gujjar to find someone who could financially support both mother and daughter and give them a place to stay. “Gujjar first killed the woman and threw her body into the bushes near a road in Sachin area of Surat. “The deceased minor girl had seen the murder of her mother… After the murder of her mother, Harsh took the girl to his house and made false stories about the girl’s parents and told her that she would stay there in the house for few days… The minor girl was not under control of Harsh and his wife, even after their physical torture. Finally, Harsh decided to eliminate her also,” the Commissioner said.


“As a country, as a society, we all are ashamed of it (rapes),” India Prime Minister Modi mentioned referring to the crimes that have shocked the country. “I want to assure the country that no culprit will be spared, complete justice will be done. Our daughters will definitely get justice,” PM Modi added.

India has elevated rates of women getting murdered and/or raped. Although Police is trying to adopt measures to allow the decreasing of such horrific crimes, much must be done along with the CCTV installation.

The fact that this situation led to a human trafficking lead gives authorities the chance of acquiring intelligence from the arrested suspect and other suspects under investigation. This can track down any organization that can be possibly associated to this or other crimes while dismantling a human trafficking cell if this is discovered to be the case.


Main accused person – Harshahay Gujjar- in this case, has been apprehended and admits to having brutalized a minor and her mother and will be charged with rape and murder. According to Ahmedabad crime branch sources, Gurjar’s accomplice in crime, Hari Om, is absconding and a manhunt has been launched to nab him.

There is a minor child involved, who has been proven to be held captive, gang-raped and violated for months. Not only Harshahay Gujjar was responsible for this crime, but also the men who sold the girl and woman and the people who helped on hiding both and raping the girl. More victims would probably be in the same situation due to Kuldeep Gujjar and Mukesh Gujjar or their connections.

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In this case, intricate details of how the crime was planned and at what location was the body dumped along with details regarding the car used can be presented to detect if the suspect has been hiding additional information. iCognative Technology can help detect concealed information regarding other members and accomplices of the suspect in this operation.

By effective use of iCognative system, in this case, authorities can gather accurate intelligence to identify actual perpetrators, complementing the tools and investigative techniques used at the moment and can play in instrumental role in aiding law enforcement agencies dealing with rape cases in India at present.


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