Corrupt UK border officer caught smuggling drugs and guns

November 13, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Corrupt UK border officer caught smuggling drugs and guns: Brainwave Science


In a major crackdown, a corrupt border officer, Simon Pellet was arrested by the French National Police on Friday. Pellet was caught in possession of a high quantity of firearms and drugs, along with 2 accomplices, namely Alex Howard and David Baker. The trio had planned to smuggle, to the UK, pistols, revolvers, ammunition, cocaine and heroin. The 3 persons have been duly extradited to the UK, by the French authorities. The officer is believed to have committed such offences in the past.

The officer was arrested while being on duty. He collected a work van and got on the channel tunnel service. He was unaware that the van was fitted with a listening device which enabled the authorities to monitor his phone calls to the two persons who were later arrested with him.

It is believed that Pellet has helped many to evade Border Control. He has a major gambling habit, and this may have led him to get involved in such a shady business.

The defendants are believed to have played an important part in a bigger smuggling racket.  Pellet was to be paid £20,000 for this smuggling task. The operation to bust Pellet involved deep coordination between the agencies in the UK and France.


The UK being an island, requires smugglers to be innovative. Despite tight border controls, drugs and weapons are widely available throughout the country. Regional wholesalers frequently travel to the European continent to facilitate their own imports. Domestic and foreign nationals are deeply involved in the drug and weapon trade. What helps them is the occasional familial and cultural ties to the UK. British organized criminals are involved in all strata of the drug and weapon trade, right from importing to distribution at street level.

Smugglers have been known to hide contraband in packets of dog biscuits, boots and roofs of race-cars, etc.

Despite very tight control on drugs and weapons, the UK faces a menace. Weapons which end up on the black market often begin as legal guns and become illegal because they are modified or the status of license changes. The country tries to deal with the crisis because lives are at  a grave risk due to the widespread misuse of illegal drugs and weapons.

The authorities must tirelessly pursue the perpetrators and bust the criminal networks in order to make the UK a safer place for its citizens.


The French and the UK Border Security agencies have struggled to curb trafficking across the channel for a long time. Law enforcement agencies and the traffickers have always to outrun each other. The traffickers come up with new ways of trafficking drugs and weapons. They work with officials on the inside to make their job easier. The job of law enforcement agencies become more and more difficult when there are moles like Officer Pellet who aid the criminals. This makes catching the smugglers a daunting task. By using the highly accurate and reliable iCognative technology, developed and provided by  Brainwave Science, law enforcement agencies can effectively crush cross-border smuggling networks. The technology minimizes the time and effort spent in the whole exercise. It also eliminates and human suffering and torture in the investigation process.

In the above trafficking case, iCognative can help to bust trafficking network which is spread out throughout Europe and the UK. The test takes only 45 minutes to administer and can decisively determine if the testee possesses information about the crime, other perpetrators etc.

Details related to the crime such as pictures of the smuggled weapons, ammunition, contraband, dates of its trafficking; photos of partners in crime etc. that can be known only real traffickers can be uploaded to the iCognative system test protocol. The testee looks at a monitor where a proprietary software flashes such case related details in form of words, phrases or pictures (called Stimuli). The brainwave responses can reveal if a person possesses specific concealed information about a crime.

iCognative can determine which suspect has specific crime-related information in their brains and which does not.

If the testee has prior knowledge of what is shown to him or her on the computer screen, the software detects that with more than 99% accuracy. 

The use of this technologies can help root out corruption in the system as well.

iCognative by Brainwave Science is applicable to more than 85% of cases. One can be sure that there are no false positives or false negatives. There are no known countermeasures. The brain cannot lie, and this is the principle on which iCognative works.

The answer to a safe UK and Europe lies in the systematic use of iCognative which can revolutionize the way the agencies collect intelligence and dismantle criminal organizations.

Main Source: NCA

Image Source: NCA