FBI sex-trafficking sting before Super Bowl nets 169

February 6, 2019 | Brainwave Science

FBI sex-trafficking sting before Super Bowl nets 169: Brainwave Science


169 people have been arrested in an operation which had been launched to counter the threat of increased sex trafficking leading up to the Super Bowl LIII. The sting operation was 11-day long and began on the 23rd of January. Out of the arrested, 26 are alleged traffickers, 34 are accused of trying to engage in sexual acts with minors, nine are alleged juvenile sex-trafficking victims, and nine more alleged adult victims.

Through this operation, the agencies wanted to proactively bring attention to the increased incidence of sex-trafficking during the Super Bowl and the events leading up to the Super Bowl. The two teams which worked on this are the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children/Human Trafficking Program and Metro Atlanta Child (MATCH) Task Force. These teams coordinated with 25 local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to carry out the arrests.

FBI Special Agent Taylor Dervish told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that major events like the Super Bowl bring in a lot of people, money and crime – increasing the odds of people willing to pay for sex.


“Sex trafficking is not just a problem during large-scale events, it is a 365-day-a-year problem in communities all across the country.” The need of so many agencies to coordinate in order to net sex-traffickers and rescue victims shows how big and deep-rooted this problem is.

Other events like the Detroit auto show are where a lot of children and adults are trafficked for sex. It is known by the FBI that during the time of the Detroit Auto Show, there is a 280-300 per cent increase in the number of sex workers in the area. Read the scenario analysis here as to how the agencies can utilize modern forensic technology to grab this problem by the horns.

During the course of 260 years, there were approximately 24 million human slaves who came from Africa. Although accurate numbers are hard to calculate, it is estimated that today there are between 26 to 28 million human slaves. Modern-day slavery is bigger today than in the entire history of global slavery between 1600 and the end of the Civil War.

Human Trafficking, illegal immigration, sex-trafficking are all connected at some level. There are plenty of examples to show this. Read more about how a new scientific method is revolutionising the field of intelligence gathering in fields like trafficking, immigration, national security, counter-terrorism.

Large coordinated efforts which require tens of departments across geographies and disciplines to work closely are needed to arrest suspects and liberate victims. At the same time, there is a need to properly interrogate these detainees so that maximum intelligence can be extracted from them. Moreover, the agencies must stay away from inhuman treatment and torture of the arrested persons.  If intelligence gathered from one individual can help to understand the structure of the criminal organization, then less and less effort will be required over time to identify the same number of people. There is a need for scientific methods and systematic practices in order to bring order in this chaotic world of investigation.


Human trafficking is a complex web of interconnected crimes and coordinating organizations. The perpetrators make good use of technology in order to entrap victims through social media, advertise the sex slaves on websites like backpage.com, and collect money sometimes in the form of cryptocurrency. Why should the law enforcement and investigative agencies not be armed to their teeth with the latest in technology?

Brainwave Science, a Massachusetts based company, proudly presents the most advanced intelligence gathering tool ever made. It is called iCognative and it not only gathers information effectively, but it is highly efficient as well.

iCognative slashes costs, decimates the time required, and drastically reduces the workforce requirement needed for interrogation and investigation.

iCognative works on the very origin of deception, the human brain. What if law enforcers could tap into a suspect’s mind and “read” the invisible clues that link him or her to a crime?  iCognative helps investigators to identify or exonerate suspects based upon measuring brain wave responses to crime-related images, words or phrases (stimuli) displayed on a computer screen.

The brain response of the test subject to familiar stimuli is different than when he or she is exposed to unfamiliar stimuli. iCognative works on this principle and detects the presence of specific crime-related information in the brain of the test subject.

The stimuli to be used in the iCognative of the alleged sex traffickers is the details of the online advertisements made by them on pages like backpage.com, the cell phone and online transaction records where they communicated with solicitors, the details of victims rescued during this sting and earlier, etc. The solicitors of sex with minors and adults can also be made to undergo the iCognative test. For them, the stimuli could be their online history of them soliciting sex, their bank details, suspicious transfers, their geo-locations on specific days when related traffickers or victims were discovered, their interactions with other solicitors through  CCTV footage, phone records and online exchanges, etc.

iCognative is the only way that the agencies will be able to quickly process such a huge number of arrested persons without hampering ongoing operations and requiring a huge workforce. In fact, using the database technology in iCognative, they can also help connect the dots of crimes and criminals organisations nationwide and worldwide.

There is no catch. iCognative is easy to deploy, cost-effective, easy to learn and teach, highly customizable to be able to be programmed in multiple languages, customizable in terms of functionality, highly accurate and 99.9% reliable.

The agencies will be able to work with confidence as there are no false positives and no false negatives in the outcome of the test.

iCognative is the saviour in this important fight against the most modern form of human slavery, which affects millions of adults and children worldwide.

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