Glendale Police arrest 18 in prostitution sting which targeted escorts and clients

March 28, 2019 | Brainwave Science


18 people have been arrested in Glendale for prostitution in February and March. The two busts took place in hotel rooms along Port Washington Road. The Police responded to online sex ads by setting up fake “dates” and met the prostitutes at the door. They arrested 11 people: eight females and three males. Two of the girls were only 17-years-old.Glendale Police arrest

Police released the prostitutes with $1,000 citations each for escorting without a license. None of the prostitutes claimed to be victims of sex trafficking.Glendale Police arrest

On March 13th, the Glendale Police targeted the “John’s” hiring prostitutes. Police posted fake ads online and met the men in hotel rooms. The eight people arrested and released were given citations for patronizing prostitution. The majority of the men were in their 30’s and 40’s from Milwaukee.

Glendale Police Department’s Community Outreach Officer, Kelly Dejonge, observes that typical streetwalkers are not common to Glendale. However,

However, experts with Exploit No More said that statement isn’t necessarily true and these arrests only scratch the surface of sex trafficking in Milwaukee County.Glendale Police arrest

“Human trafficking happens everywhere and sexual exploitation happens everywhere,” said Jarrett Luckett, executive director of Exploit No More. “Traffickers will go where the buyers are located.”Glendale Police arrest


Therefore, one way to trace the pimps is to locate the client and also to  follow the money trail.

According to a study by Medical College of Wisconsin, 340 sex trafficking victims in the city of Milwaukee were reported between the years 2013 and 2016. The study said most of the victims were underage and many of their “customers” lived in the suburbs. Demographic and historical information was only available for 231 of the 340 individuals. Majority of the victims (95%) were female. All these victims were either US citizens of those with legal status. 105 individuals (45%) were between the ages of 18 and 25. 60 individuals were identified as having been trafficked multiple times. The average customer is a middle aged, white man who is married, college educated and has children. None of the prostitutes claimed to be victims of sex trafficking. Glendale does not have typical street walkers as prostitutes. This means that identifying a prostitute and a pimp is more difficult in this locality.

The Glendale police conduct the sting operations based on manpower. They don’t do it regularly. It depends on their human resource availability and time constraints.

it is evident that the police is being held back in its anti-trafficking operations due to paucity of resources.

This bottle-neck must be removed. It will directly affect crime clearance rates. It is said that justice delayed is justice denied. For every day that trafficking victims spend in the flesh trade, justice is being denied to them. Thus, police dapartments must seek out ways to interrogate and investigate with more efficiency and accuracy.

Human Trafficking is a crime in which both the perpetrator and the client must be interrogated and investigated. Although a criminal usually leaves some sort of clue behind, discovering it can be a costly, time-consuming and labor-intensive task. The case under investigation may hit many roadblocks due to delays on the parts of the judiciary, legislature or the executive branches of the government.

What if there existed a technology which could help investigators tap into the mind of a suspect or a witness. It would speed up the process of interrogation.


Brainwave Science has developed and introduced such a technology. The name of this pioneering and cost-effective technology is iCognative. Brainwave Science is a Massachusetts based company which has introduced a modern technology which has completely revamped investigation and intelligence gathering. It is non-invasive and does not need the test subject to be tortured or to be made to suffer. Yet, it does not compromise in any way on the amount of intelligence it can gather. In fact it is widely applicable to all sorts of areas such as prostitution, cybercrime, financial fraud, kidnapping, hijacking, national-security, border-security, immigration, and counter-terrorism.

iCognative is backed up by a proven science which quickly detects concealed information by measuring brain waves. The criminal plans and executes the crime, and thus his or her brain is aware of the minutest details. They are embedded in his or her memory. iCognative exposes an individual’s brain to pictures, words or phrases related to the specific crime under investigation. The brain’s response to such stimuli is immediate and involuntary. The brain responds differently depending on whether the brain possesses prior awareness of the information conveyed by the stimuli or not. iCognative system uses a specialized headset which measures the brain responses. and analyses these in the computer system. The result of whether incriminating information is present in the brain of the test subject or not is reported immediately. The iCognative test helps the investigators to quickly move from screening one test subject to the other, and to narrow down to the most likely subject.

In this case, iCognative test should be administered to the arrested persons, and also those who were arrested in similar cases in the past. For stimuli, the test administrator can compile details such as records of accessing the online websites for soliciting sex, records of posting the advertisements, call and transaction records for the earlier purchase of sex. The persons who were suspected of pimping can be shown stimuli such as details of earlier known victims, suspected hideouts and brothels, sites of kidnapping, phone and social media records of interactions associated with pimping, etc.

iCognative can accurately and reliably indicate if a test subject possesses knowledge of a specific crime. At the same time, it can be used to de-construct and get an idea about the structure of a criminal organization, find the position of the test subject in the hierarchy of his or her criminal organization. iCognative, by Brainwave Science, is highly customizable, 99.9% accurate, non-invasive, and easy to learn.

Investigating agencies in Glendale must try out the cutting-edge technology called iCognative , by Brainwave Science to speed up investigations and to put the guilty behind bars.

Main source: WISN