A German national, Sean Binder, accused of human trafficking, arrested in Greece

August 30, 2018 | Brainwave Science


A 24-year-old Sean Binder from Cork, Ireland, had been volunteering on the island of Lesbos. The man flew to Greece to help refugees as a part of the Emergency Response Centre International. But Binder’s volunteering activity has finished this week with the accusation of human trafficking.

According to ‘The Herald’, Binder faced accusation in human trafficking for the first time earlier this year. He was first arrested in February, during his volunteering on the island of Lesbos, but was allowed to return to Ireland several times. The man handed himself to police this week in Greece after his colleague Sarah Mardini was detained. According to accusations, the man is suspected of human trafficking, money laundering, espionage and being a member of a criminal organization. Besides, Police claimed a total of 30 people from the same organization were being investigated on suspicion of smuggling migrants into Greece, spying and laundering money.

Binder’s mother commented: ‘I don’t know what to do, how to be, I can’t sleep, I’ve taken time off work – my son is a good man. Sean went out to Lesbos to help refugees, as he wants to work in a humanitarian field and he’s not done anything wrong’.


Human trafficking is one of the main problems in the EU today and Greece has become a kind of ‘transit territory’ in this situation. Greece’s European Union membership, coupled with a shared border with Turkey, means the country sees massive flows of illegal immigrants looking to enter the EU. Traffickers also use Greece not only as a destination but a transit stop on the way to Western Europe.

In the context of this problem, the case of Binder has become one more great challenge for border security forces. Such cases should be solved fast for finding more criminal connections and preventing crimes in this area. That is why agencies should use only the most powerful and useful tools and mechanisms.


iCognative is a unique security solution suited for agencies looking to enhance or upgrade from traditional investigative practices. iCognative offered only by Brainwave Science is a modern, fully automated and easy to use technology that can accurately confirm if the information is stored in a suspect’s memory or not.

A 45 minutes  brainwave-based iCognative test measures patterns of a specific brain response called P300/P300 MERMER. The technology can help to gain valuable information that can lead to prosecution or uncovering more criminal ties of the suspect. iCognative can bring valuable intelligence for solving the case of Binder’s involvement in human trafficking. In the current case scenario investigation details (Stimuli) including but not limited to:  the date and time of illegal transportations; pictures of victims and crime scenes; names of organizations associated with Binder and his affiliates etc., are flashed on a screen during iCognative test. There are no questions asked and none answered, all answers come from the brain, therefore all subjectivity is eliminated. Each brain response is analyzed, and the determinations made at the end of the test are always 99.9% accurate. Only two possible outcomes are displayed as results in finality: Information present or Information absent, leaving no room for speculation for investigators.

Brainwave Science’s iCognative is designed with the user of technology in mind. The ease of operation and ample scope of application make this cost-effective iCognative solution indispensable for any situation in question. Criminals who participate in modern day human slavery must meet their destiny with the power of iCognative.

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