Spanish police bust ‘black magic’, transsexual sex slave ring

November 1, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Spanish police bust ‘black magic’, transsexual sex slave ring: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

Spanish Police rescued 15 young Brazilian transsexuals who were forced into prostitution through physical abuse and threats of black magic in the southeastern city of Murcia. Authorities claimed the raid led to the arrest of 13 people across the country suspected of running a sex trafficking ring, as well as the seizure of three flats in Murcia.

The victims were allegedly coerced into migrating to Spain before being forced into prostitution and drug dealing to repay their debt. Victims would be forced to consume and sell illicit drugs and often kept in locked inside the flats. Police said evidence found in the seized flats suggest that victims were further threatened with “black magic”, objects linked to Santeria ritual.

According to the Police report, the suspected prostitution ring was headed by a Brazilian, who with the support of other associates, recruited vulnerable youths in Brazil by the false promise of providing a better life in Spain. The Spanish police were made aware of this prostitution ring after one victim escaped and filed a complaint at a police station in Murcia.  Thirteen arrested suspects, aged between 19 and 60, were Colombian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Spanish and Romanian citizens. Four of these suspects have been jailed as the investigation continues, while the remaining nine were released on bail.


Sex slavery has become so lucrative in recent years it now rivals- the drugs and arms trade in terms of prevalence and profit. Irrespective of strict laws and awareness about trafficking, about 30 million people or even more are trapped into human trafficking worldwide. Spain has the second-highest number of human trafficking and sex-slavery cases in Europe. According to reports, at least 50,000 people in Spain are victims of trafficking and shockingly approximately a few hundred victims are being recognized. It is hardly surprising that Spain is now a sex tourism destination.

Investigating trafficking is one of the biggest challenges for law enforcement agencies around the globe as it involves multiple offenders, different crime sites and above all sacred and traumatized victims. The only source for law enforcement to identify a trafficking ring is through the tip or victim’s complaint. The latter is rare as victims acknowledge the situation as their own fault and believe they have committed a crime resulting fear of deportation and fear of law enforcement acting in collusion with traffickers.

Law enforcement agencies around the globe have been developing new approaches and methods to improve the effectiveness of their response to trafficking, but all these strategies fail due to the incapability of law enforcement agencies to identify the trafficker or victim, gain accurate intelligence, evidence and lead to prosecute the perpetrators, verify the authenticity of the tip or victim’s testimonies and most important arrest, identify and locate the kingpin of human trafficking ring.


According to Police, Human/Sex trafficking ring operating in Spain earn more than $6 million per day, funds are used to finance other criminal activities like terrorism.  Existing conventional investigative tools fail to provide fruitful results in these cases as they cannot reveal what critical information a potential trafficker is trying to conceal from the investigation, leaving the law enforcement agencies in the dilemma. But now, when law enforcement agencies are determined to eliminate human trafficking problem, iCognative technology developed by Brainwave Science can surely come in handy for law enforcement agencies as it provides the most authentic, accurate and defensible solution to crush Human trafficking rings and identify the kingpin and other traffickers in the region within an hour.

iCognative is an advanced, modern forensic technology that is safe, virtually unbeatable, impeccably accurate, respects human rights and above all reveals all critical information a trafficker is trying to conceal with over 99% accuracy. This is the only existing forensic technology that can determine what suspected human/sex traffickers know and further provide accurate intelligence and lead for law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction, something law enforcement was lacking for decades. iCognative technology guarantees over 99% accurate results in more than 85% of all criminal as well as civil case wherever some investigation has been carried out.

A 45-minutes iCognative test when utilized by Spanish police on the arrested 15 suspects would speedily deliver vital and accurate intelligence to find missing links and other important information about the trafficking ring and whereabouts of its mastermind. The assigned investigator uploads all case-related information including confidential crime-related information known only to the perpetrators into the iCognative system to conduct a test on 13 suspects. Investigation details uncovered during the investigation such: location of seized flats, number of victims found, method used to trap the victims, route of entry, identification of the mastermind, who is the handler in Spain, any other known trafficker or victims, etc., can be utilized as Stimuli to conduct this test on the suspects. The iCognative system records and analyzes the brain responses of each suspect and determine with over 99% accuracy if the information under question is present or absent in the brain of the suspect and further provide all the vital intelligence known to the suspects to support law enforcement agencies to investigate in the right direction at the right time and locate the Brazilian mastermind and prosecute every known and unknown trafficker in the region.

Deployment of iCognative technology by law enforcement agencies in such significant operation would guarantee success without applying much manpower, time or money. Irrespective of multiple offenders, different crime sites and hundreds of traumatized victims, Brainwave Science’s iCognative is the best and only existing solution for law enforcement to make a vital difference and dismantle every existing, operating trafficking network in Spain and around the globe within months.

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