UK police arrest eight people in trafficking probe with ties to Romania

October 17, 2018 | Brainwave Science

UK police arrest eight people in trafficking probe with ties to Romania: Brainwave ScienceSITUATION

According to UK police, they have arrested eight people in connection with a suspected international human trafficking ring in London with ties to Romania.  Police official said the Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit personnel detained five men and three women, aged between 26 and 50 in East London on Tuesday.  Arrested suspects are being interrogated.

During the raid at four different UK locations, 33 potential victims of human trafficking including five minors were recovered and transferred to a safe location. On the other hand, Romanian police arrested three men and one woman suspected of being part of an international human trafficking gang. The joint arrests were part of an international operation against human trafficking codenamed “Operation Cardinas”.  The investigation team include British Modern Slavery and Kidnap Unit, the Crown Prosecution Service, Romanian Police and Prosecutors, Europol, and Eurojust.

After the successful operation in both the countries, Romania’s ambassador in Britain, Dan Mihalache, said: “arrests send a strong message against any form of exploitation and reiterates the Romanian authorities are committed to fighting modern slavery in close co-operation with European partners.”

According to the government’s Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism said they suspected 12 people of starting up the trafficking ring in 2015 where they trap low-income Romanians to work in Britain as unskilled workers mainly on building sites. They used to exploit the victims and forced them to work extra hours without amenities and were also given much lower wage than earlier committed.

The UK police stated, “The key partnership between the UK police, Romanian authorities, Europol and other partners have been crucial to furthering this investigation into organized people trafficking.  We will continue this valuable work with our international partners to prevent continued exploitation and bring offenders to justice.”


Modern Slavery is the biggest issue confronted by European and other developed countries. It is a crime where the most vulnerable people including children are abused for criminal profit, with many victims forced to live and work in an unhealthy condition for little or no money. According to reports, the number of identified victims of human trafficking has doubled in every European country. In some countries- including Belgium, Cyprus, Georgia, Portugal, Serbia, Romania and the UK- labor exploitation has overtaken sex trafficking as the primary form of human trafficking.

According to Siobhan Mullally, President of GRETA, victims are often afraid to come forward in fear of deportation, detention or retaliation from criminal trafficking networks. Prosecutions and conventions of the perpetrators are also extremely rare. Kevin Hyland, UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner said only 1% of modern slavery victims get justice and find their exploiter/s punished.

Operation Cardinas, an international operation against human trafficking might have taken the first step in the right direction but the journey to dismantle the International human trafficking ring is long. The biggest challenge would be the identification of the victims or exploiters in such a huge region. Along with mutual international collaboration between law enforcement agencies, they would require guaranteed accurate intelligence, evidence and lead to identify the perpetrator, verify the victims’ testimonies and anonymous tips and protect victims before it’s too late.


Victoria Atkins, the former minister of crime, safeguarding and vulnerability said about the modern slavery, “We know there is more to do, and we are working to improve the systems for identifying victims and perpetrators and support the victims.”

When law enforcement agencies are foremost to eliminate human trafficking problem around Europe, it is only imperative that these law enforcement agencies investigate human trafficking cases through accurate and reliable intelligence gathering technology that obtains concealed information required to identify the perpetrator from the source of all action- the human brain. iCognative technology by Brainwave Science can surely come in handy for the law enforcement agencies as iCognative is a one-of-a-kind technology that can identify the traffickers from innocents with over 99% accuracy in 45 minutes. In such complex and serious case, conventional investigative tools cannot be of significant help as they don’t reveal what knowledge the suspect is concealing from the investigator.

iCognative technology guarantees over 99% accurate results in more than 85% of the criminal as well as civil cases wherever some investigation has been carried out.  iCognative is the only existing forensic technology that can determine what suspected human traffickers know and can further provide accurate intelligence and right direction for law enforcement agencies to investigate and identify the masterminds of these international human trafficking rings and their victims. All this could be available once law enforcement agencies utilize a 45-minutes iCognative test on the suspected human traffickers.  Investigation details related to the case such as: the location of victims, number of victims, what gender or age group they are, method used to trap the victims, modus operandi by group deployed, who is the handler/boss, name and identification of the mastermind, etc., along with other confidential details collected during the investigation (called Stimuli) is added to the iCognative system by the assigned investigator to conduct the test . Within an hour, law enforcement agencies will have impeccably accurate intelligence and leads to investigate in the right direction and identify and arrest known or unknown human traffickers around the region.

Deployment of iCognative technology by law enforcement agencies in such significant operation would guarantee success without applying much manpower, time or money. Brainwave Science’s iCognative technology is the most advanced and reliable weapon for law enforcement agencies around the globe combatting modern slavery, trafficking, immigration along with violent crime.

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