Italian police bust migrant trafficking ring, arrest 11 people

February 20, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Italian police have come across and made significant progress into breaking up an organization which trafficked migrants from southern Italy to northern Europe. The group was reportedly based in a former Olympic village named “Ex MOI” in Turin. The Police say that the group moved scores of foreigners throughout Europe in exchange for large sums of money. The ring ferried dozens of migrants and charged thousands of euros per person. The Police have arrested 11 suspects. Most of these arrested persons happen to be nationals of Somalia. These arrests have been made after a three-year investigation into this group. Arrest warrants are still out for five other suspects. The criminal organization used the “Ex MOI” in Turin, the former Olympic Village, as its headquarters. Human traffickers reportedly departed from there for destinations such as France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries. The Interior Minister of Italy has expressed that, “irregular immigration is a business that must be stamped out.”

Messina said the organization in question was very dangerous, powerful and strong. A total of 25 persons have been charged with facilitating illegal immigration and falsifying identification documents. The organization allegedly provided migrants with fake or counterfeit passports and ID cards which the migrants had to give back at the end of their journeys so the documents could be reused. The investigation was conducted with the support of Europol and Eurojust, as well as the Ragusa police force. Some of the suspects have been charged with drug trafficking. Among, those charged, is one of the organization’s bosses. This person was arrested last April as part of a major drug bust at the Ex MOI. Two parliamentarians from the far-right Brothers of Italy party, Augusta Montaruli and Maurizio Marrone, said the operation is confirmation that the buildings at the Ex MOI “were the base for the African mafias.” They said they will call for a parliamentary hearing “to ascertain the responsibility of the city governments of Fassino and Appendino, starting with verification on whether the arrested traffickers benefited from false residency or city-sponsored aid projects.” 

The Turin Police continues its actions at Ex MOI in order to keep delinquents out and welcome those who need it. The police have been launching offensives against the smugglers in the area. This operation titled ‘Operation Mogadishu’ began after French police intercepted a human smuggler who had departed from the Ex MOI buildings on via Giordano Bruno.


Italy is being used as a gateway into Europe, by traffickers who bring in illegal immigrants from African countries like Tunisia, Libya, etc. Of them, some could be terrorists as well, in the guise of asylum seekers or migrants. Ever since 2014, around 600,000 migrants from Africa have reached Italy. The pay their traffickers around USD 700 to 1200 to reach Italy. These trips usually end up in tragedy. About 500 migrants died last year trying to reach Italy. 6,894  made it safely and have been officially registered in Italy’s immigration system.

Illegal migrants begin their journey from all over Africa. The problem is multi-fold. There is illegal immigration which causes the taxpayer’s money to be used for unforeseen activities. Also, there is national security as some of the immigrants have terrorism as a motive. The undocumented migrants are hidden away and are forced to commit crimes to feed themselves and repay debt.

If these organizations behind this trafficking are defeated, then not only Europe but also African countries will breathe a sigh of relief. The challenge remains that it is a humongous task to tackle such a complex and spread out criminal organization which has funding through terror and illegal migration. In the modern world, new security challenges require an innovative solution. Border security agencies are at the forefront of defending their countries against threats originating from outside, be it illegal immigrants or terrorists disguised as asylum seekers


iCognative by Brainwave Science has developed a mechanism to detect if information related to a crime is concealed within the brain of a suspect or not. If the investigative agencies find out that it is not, then they can safely and confidently move on the next suspect. However, if the mechanism declares that information is present, then they can go ahead and conduct further investigation and interrogation focussing on that particular subject.

It is a game-changer in the field of Forensic Science. Border control agencies and Immigration agencies can now carry out screenings and investigations with impeccable precision and reliability. iCognative gives utmost confidence to the interrogators. At the same time, it ensures that the detainees and test subjects are not tortured or put through any inconvenience. iCognative works on the principle that the human brain responds to the sight of familiar stimuli with a distinct change in electrical activity. Also, the brain cannot lie.

It is a common knowledge that Lie Detector and Polygraph tests are used to identify if a test subject is lying or not based on emotional responses. Unfortunately, the results of these tests are highly subjective and depend heavily on the polygraphist. iCognative removes this subjectivity because the opinions of the test administrator do not play a part in the result.

The iCognative test has no known countermeasures. This means that no false positives or no false negatives will be reported.

iCognative helps not only the immigration agencies and border control but also law enforcement, counter-terrorism agencies, national security, and human and drug trafficking agencies. There are ample real-life scenario analyses present on all the above categories. Italian police bust

Crime-related information retrieved from an investigation is used as stimuli in a iCognative test. This can be in the form of pictures, words or phrases. In this case, the arrested persons can be shown details such as known trafficking routes, details of falsified travel documents, pictures and details of known victims, details of other members of the organization, details of persons arrested from the Ex MOI, etc. Italian police bust

This test can not only help to identify if they possess crime-related information but also to help get clues about which illegal trafficker they might have been helped by. iCognative will also help verify high-value individuals in criminal organizations. If any person among them may have been radicalized or had terrorist training, then this can be detected by a simple 45-minute iCognative test. Italian police bust

iCognative is applicable to 85-90% of all types of civil or criminal cases. It is highly customizable and portable, and thus it is very easy to get agencies onboard to this extremely useful technology. Italian police bust

The Italian agencies must try out the power of iCognative in the interrogation of the 11 arrested persons in order to help solve the issue of illegal immigration.

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