Marietta Police arrests 4 Sex Trafficking Suspects

August 22, 2018 | Brainwave Science

Marietta Police Sex Trafficking: iCognative


Marietta police said the 15-year-old victim was forced to have sex with multiple men in a hotel room at a Cobb County hotel in Georgia.  Based on what the girl told police, officers searched two rooms at the Days Inn in the 2000 block of Northwest Parkway, Marietta police spokesman Charles McPhilamy said in an emailed statement. Three suspects were identified inside the rooms and the fourth was at a nearby hotel.  Arrest warrants said the girl was at the motel from Friday through Monday, Channel 2 Action News reported. “We commend this young victim for having the courage to report the crime as well as the hard work our detectives put into thwarting this operation while still in its infancy,” McPhilamy said.



The sex trafficking industry is fueled by buyers who pay traffickers to supply victims to meet their demand. Men, women and children from a wide variety of backgrounds are victimized through sex trafficking. While the dark world of international sex trafficking is becoming a hot topic in our culture, many people remain unaware that sex trafficking isn’t just an international problem.  Sex trafficking is happening in our own backyards – whether you live in rural America or in a big city, you might be surprised to find that it’s happening in your neighborhoods and communities.  The commercial exploitation of children is a particularly growing problem in the U.S.



When traditional means of investigations fail to address the problem head on, its time to use something revolutionary.  iCognative by Brainwave Science redefines the meaning of revolutionary.  The technology that can solve the problem of any form of human trafficking has arrived in the form of iCognative. Investigators at Marietta PD can utilize benefits afforded by this technology to solve this case and any other that may be related to any civil or criminal situation. High applicability and unparalleled accuracy are the hallmark features of iCognative

iCognative guarantees a high success rate in generating quality leads at an unprecedented faster rate, in comparison to time-consuming interrogation techniques or relying on informant tips that may or may not be reliable. In the case of human trafficking in Marietta, the case related investigation details such as: names and ages of three individuals charged and arrested; location where the girl was held up in the hotel; the other people who might have visited these accused; time when she called police; color of the car of accused etc., along with confidential case facts can be used to conduct a iCognative test.

The solution can accurately reveal to what degree a human trafficking suspect is involved in a trafficking case, what information suspects and perpetrators are concealing, and whether a perpetrator has any other incriminating information connected to other crimes. By matching testimonies of suspects, victims, or witnesses with readily intelligence available, iCognative offers a flawless solution that law enforcement demands in this day and age of growing interlinked crimes.

By introducing this new technology in their operating methods, law enforcement units specialized in human trafficking gain valuable information that can lead to rescuing trafficking victims or charges and arrests of the guilty parties.

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