Sex Trafficking of Nigerian Women to Europe by ‘Vodoo’ British nurse

July 2, 2018 | Brainwave Science


Law enforcement accuses Josephine Iyama, a British citizen, of women trafficking from Nigeria for the purpose of sexual exploitation. She is the head of an entire criminal network operating in Europe. This has been reported by BBC NEWS.

Iyamu, 51, formerly of Bermondsey, was convicted of five counts of arranging or facilitating travel for sexual exploitation at Birmingham Crown Court. Jurors also found her guilty of perverting the course of justice. The rituals saw the women forced to eat chicken hearts, drink blood containing worms, and have powder rubbed into cuts, the court heard.

Iyamu is the first person to be convicted under Modern Slavery Act laws passed in 2015, allowing prosecutions of British citizens for overseas sexual trafficking. Prosecutor Simon Davis said by performing rituals Iyamu gained psychological control over the women. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said Iyamu had “enlisted the help of a voodoo priest” to put the women through a “juju” ceremony which was “designed to exert control” over them. The victims and their families were threatened with serious harm if they broke their oath to Iyamu, according to the NCA.

The court heard Iyamu was “willing to put the women at risk of serious injury and or death as they made their journey from Nigeria to Europe”.

They were too afraid to challenge her or fail to pay her back tens of thousands of Euros she charged them to be trafficked into Germany, the court was told.

Opening the case, Mr. Davis said: “The debts incurred by the women were enforced through fear. “Each of the women were put through what is known to some as a voodoo ceremony.”



Human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar activity, it’s one of the fastest-growing prohibited industries in the world. Traffickers may use force, deception, coercion, or abduction. To win the fight against human trafficking the agencies must understand why it is happening. Among the root causes of human trafficking in Nigeria are poverty, lack of education, globalization, corruption and gender inequality. Globalization allows traffickers to set up complex routes and systems within and across borders. The presence of these complex channels creates a challenge because it is understood that prosecuting one trafficker may only minimally hinder the network of traffickers. Corruption prevents traffickers from being held accountable and can also prevent victims from seeking justice. In fact, when corruption is found within political institutions, the laws in place are not implemented to their full capacity, if at all.  The only way to break this vicious circle is to start using innovative technologies, that can prevent human trafficking in general.




iCognative provided by Brainwave Science is a technologically unique security solution suitable for law enforcement looking to improve investigative practices. The advanced system behind it makes it virtually impossible to avoid detection and prosecution for human trafficking, measuring patterns of a specific brain response called P300.

iCognative provides an advanced measure of effectiveness in generating quality leads at a faster rate in comparison to time-consuming interrogation techniques. No need to  rely on informant tips that are not always dependable.

In the current scenario, the law enforcement agents and investigators can conduct a iCognative test on Josephine Iyama. They can use the known case details such as names, places, identities of women forced by Iyama who had to carry out dangerous journey from Nigeria to Europe. The routes of trafficking used, as well as Iyama’s contacts who supported her illegal activity, their identities and their financial sources can all be uncovered. The investigators can use known information such as rituals of “juju” ceremony Iyama specifically used along. All of her collaborations with contacts who used her services in Germany can be used as details for test to build stimuli. This way with help of iCognative the whole trafficking network can potentially be dismantled. The test is non-invasive and protects human rights, it takes only 45 minutes to conduct and it has accuracy rate of over 99%.  The solution can accurately reveal to what degree a human trafficking suspect is involved in a trafficking case, what information a victim or perpetrator is concealing, and whether a suspect has any other incriminating information connected to other crimes. By matching testimonies of suspects, victims, or witnesses with readily intelligence available, iCognative offers a flawless solution that law enforcement needs.

Bringing this cutting-edge technology in their operating methods, law enforcement units specialized in human trafficking are able to gain valuable information that can lead to rescuing traffic victims or charges and arrests of the guilty parties.


Main Source: BBC NEWS

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