Six Tanzanian children killed for body parts

January 29, 2019 | Brainwave Science


Six Tanzanian children were killed, and their ears and teeth have been removed. Some of these children, aged between two and nine years old, had their limbs missing.

The root cause of this issue is the belief in witchcraft and voodoo. Many believe they will get help from witchcraft for their life problems. One suspect has been detained by the police. This suspect happens to be a close relative of three of the children. Moreover, these three children belonged to the same family.

Since the beginning of December, 10 children in all have gone missing in Njombe and four have been found alive. News reporters in the region say that some witchdoctors tell people that human body parts have special powers and that they can bring them wealth and luck.

The district commissioner told the BBC, “We urge all parents and guardians to be on alert and teach their children on how to determine the motives of who is around them.” The children were taken from their homes at night when their parents were selling food at a market.


This case is related to the persecution of people with albinism (PWA). It is the belief that certain body parts of albinistic people can transmit magical powers. Such superstition is present especially in some parts of the African Great Lakes region, it has been promulgated and exploited by witch doctors and others who use such body parts as ingredients in rituals, concoctions and potions with the claim that their magic will bring prosperity to the user.

A report was released on 1 April 2014 by the Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, office of the Canadian charity Under the Same Sun. Titled ‘Reported Attacks of Persons with Albinism’, the document reviews 180 countries and lists 129 recent killings and 181 other attacks, all within 23 African countries. Since 2007, In Tanzania alone, 76+ people with albinism have been brutally attacked and their body parts hacked off and sold to witch doctors. These attacks include mutilation, violence, violation of graves, and cases of asylum-seeking.

In Tanzania, one out of every 1429 newborns is an albino. This is a much higher rate than in any other nation. According to Al-Shymaa Kway-Geer, an albino member of parliament, there are 6977 officially registered albinos in Tanzania. However, it is believed that there may be up to 17000 undocumented. Tanzania is thought to have the largest population of albinos in Africa.

Children with albinism are at risk from birth. Powerful superstitions and tribal traditions threaten their lives, most often at the hands of their relatives. Poisoning, neglect, and starvation end their young lives. Even in death they are not safe from body snatchers.

There is heavy persecution of those who are albinistic because of misconceptions, and lack of education.  This lack of knowledge about people with albinism means that folktales and superstition in the name of witchcraft take the place of medical and scientific facts in the minds of many native Africans, with and without albinism, which in turn has major effects on the social integration of albinistic people into African society. Ninety-eight percent of albinos die by the age of forty for reasons which could easily be prevented.

In this case, the victims are albinistic people of Africa, and the perpetrators are the witch doctors and the general narrative about Albinistic people.

Such widespread persecution of an innocent minority must be stopped. However, there is the need for a way to find out details about the witch-doctors, and their network of traffickers, abductors, etc. The money trail in this business of body parts is a big clue, and must be investigated in order to crack open this illicit business.

In order to achieve this, there is need of an intelligence gathering mechanism which can quickly screen a large number of suspects (mostly witch doctors and their associates) and indicate if they have any connection with the murder and dismemberment of the albino children.


iCognative is a breakthrough technology which covers up for the shortcomings of the investigation techniques which are in use today. It is highly versatile in its area of applicability. This technology introduced by Massachusetts based Brainwave Science can not only help in solving cases related to human and drug trafficking but is equally applicable to a plethora of other types of crimes such as cybercrime, law-enforcement,  national-security, border-security, immigration, and counter-terrorism.

It is surprising that although DNA and fingerprinting are sworn by and considered to be decisive tools in investigations, they are uncovered in only 1-2% of all cases. To add to this, they are extremely costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming to gather, preserve and process. This adds to delays and inefficiencies in the judicial process.

Brain Fingerprinting is applicable to 85-90% of all civil and criminal cases. In comparison to conventional techniques, iCognative is 99.9% accurate, reliable, highly-customizable, easy to teach, cost-effective, provides immediate results, and requires significantly less manpower. The test subject is not put through any torture, if he or she is interrogated using iCognative process. In fact, he or she has to barely exchange any words with the test administrator. The interrogation process takes place using a specialized headset and a computer system which runs the iCognative system. The testee is shown images, words or phrases related to the crime or the criminal organization under investigation. At the same time, the brain responses to each stimulus are recorded and transmitted to the computer system where these are analyzed by the iCognative software. iCognative is able to tell whether the information shown to the suspect was already known by him or her or not. This knowledge is extremely important in identifying culprits and exonerating innocents. Six Tanzanian children killed

In this case the stimuli can be verbal and pictorial details of the corpses of the killed and mutilated children, details of previously arrested human traffickers and witch doctors and their aides, CCTV footage of the suspect interacting with victims before the incidents, voodoo related propaganda material, travel records to voodoo black-market, call/interaction details with other traffickers, pictures and details of desecrated albino graves, etc. Six Tanzanian children killed

Not only can the presence of crime-related information be indicated by iCognative software, but his or her ties with other criminals and witch doctors can also be discovered using this technology. Six Tanzanian children killed

Tanzanian investigative agencies can use the awesome power of iCognative, provided by Brainwave Science to hasten up the process of elimination of widespread beliefs about Albinism, witchcraft, and voodoo.

Main source : BBC