Small Northern Ireland, But Big Problems with Human Trafficking

July 30, 2018 | Brainwave Science


As per ITV Report, 19 suspected trafficking victims have been rescued in Northern Ireland over the last four months, police have revealed said. Seven of those freed were children.

The news comes on the UN’s World Day against Trafficking in Persons, which the PSNI have lent their support to. The Modern Slavery Human Trafficking Unit (MSHTU) was established over two years ago, on April 1st, 2015.

Police have encouraged local communities to look out for a number of tell-tale signs, including: people who can’t produce their passport or personal documents; people who is unsure of their home address or the local area; people who is distrustful of authorities and has no access to medical treatment; someone who appear to be under the control of others or who has unexplained injuries; an over-crowded house or flat; or someone who may not have cash because they can’t keep the money they earn.

Head of PSNI’s MSHTU, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Bell, said, “We are pleased to support the UN’s World Day in order to raise awareness of this hidden crime which could be happening in any street and in any town in Northern Ireland.

“It can be hard to believe that this type of crime exists today, but it is all too real, especially for the victims.

He continued, “They are often afraid to speak out or unable to report their ordeal to police for a number of reasons including language barriers or simply because they are held captive.


It’s hard to believe, but the problem of trafficking in human beings is still omnipresent in Europe and in the whole world, despite the numerous preventive and retributive actions taken. The fight against human trafficking is not a straightforward process, there must be a simpler way to handle this complex problem in an efficient Law enforcement needs updated means of advanced intelligence collection solution that can empower them in solving more human trafficking cases.

With all this in mind, a new innovative approach and change in strategy are the demands of the times and the age we live in today.


iCognative developed by Brainwave Science is one of the best security solutions uniquely suited for agencies looking to enhance or upgrade from traditional investigative practices. Unlike time-consuming interrogation techniques and recurring false tips from informants, iCognative guarantees a high success rate in generating quality leads at an unprecedented faster rate. The advanced system is rooted in cognitive psychophysiology, measuring patterns of a specific brain response called P300/P300 MERMER.

Human traffickers work in devious ways. False love and feigned affection are critical tools used by the trafficker against their victims in attaining long-term mind control. This tactic often includes: gifts; complements; physical/sexual affection; and feigned warmth or concern for the victim’s well being. Accompanied by this behavior are grand promises for a better life, luxury, and/or fast money. Once trust is gained and the victim is separate from her (or his) environment, the tactics abruptly change toward abusive conditioning.

With this mental manipulation, human traffickers can turn innocents into victims, disrupting the natural course of their lives.

The iCognative solution enables intelligence officers to distinguish between innocents and suspects and to gather valuable information from an accurate source: the human brain. A 45 minutes test, with over 99% proven accuracy can help obtain useful information from the suspect’s brain. This can help determine as to what degree a suspect is involved in a trafficking case, what information a victim or perpetrator is concealing, and whether a suspect has any other incriminating information connected to other crimes.

In this specific case where 19 suspected victims have been rescued, law enforcement agencies can use information collected in this investigation to uncover all hidden links in this case of human trafficking. For example, a case has to be built with the information available and in this case the details such as where they were housed, routes that they were taken, faces of people who were their handlers, languages spoken by the traffickers any specific characteristics etc. along with other information all can be used as stimuli to conduct a case. The technology can verify tips from informants or calls from people detecting human trafficking behavior or victims with the information stored in the brain of a suspect. For example, a person connected to a victim can easily call the police, provide their concerns and information and send law enforcement on a new lead and a new suspect. The intelligence officers can screen the brainwaves with the help of iCognative and identify what the suspect is concealing, if he has any connection to the victim, a human trafficking network, a trafficking situation that already happened or is about to occur, known associates, details of the crime or information about the victim.

Using iCognative you can verify if the statements of suspects, victims, or witnesses are entirely correct and it can match testimonies with readily available competitive intelligence. iCognative offers a state-of-the-art automated cloud-based technology experience that law enforcement and national intelligence departments urgently needs.

With the use of this innovative security solution, Northern Ireland police can find new leads that will advance their investigations. Furthermore, the information obtained through a iCognative test enables authorities to reach new suspects, aiding their mission to protect borders and citizens in equal measure.

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